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Regulator Issues & Update for the Credit Analyst

This program will focus on regulatory credit issues and provide insight on preparing for your next safety and soundness exam.

Jan 10, 2019 02:00 PM   -­­  Jan 10, 2019 03:30 PM


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While asset quality continues to be generally sound industrywide, concerns over deteriorating underwriting standards and credit concentrations continue to attract significant regulatory attention, accounting for the largest share of matters requiring attention (MRAs) and matters requiring board attention (MRBAs).

Regulators will evaluate the quality and depth of financial risk and underwriting analysis, including the awareness of existing or emerging risk concerns, stressing for an uncertain future, tying current underwriting and new deals to the institution’s risk appetite statement, and adequacy of post-funding monitoring and analysis.

CAMELS ratings are now forward-looking. Therefore, lenders with historically low delinquencies and charge-offs will no longer automatically get a “1” asset quality rating. It’s expected that the credit analysis process will be based on the complexity of the credit and each institution’s risk profile. This program will focus on regulatory credit issues and provide insight on preparing for your next safety and soundness exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Areas of examiner concern
    • Documentation for Cs of credit
    • Cash flow and liquidity analysis – more than just EBITDA
    • Lack of loan policy guidance and failure to adhere to written policy
    • In-depth analysis of risk, based on the complexity of the credit relationship
    • Identifying policy exceptions and analyzing risk mitigations
  • Economic and business uncertainty
    • Expectations for stress testing debt service coverage
    • Loan structuring, including on-going monitoring
    • Annual financial statement collection
  • Documented support for conclusions and assigned credit risk grade
  • CRE lending, including concentration management


S. Wayne Linder, Young & Associates, Inc.