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Our League webinars offer training on topics for all aspects of credit union operations. You'll have the choice to participate in the live webinar only, purchase the recorded webinar or both. Included with all League webinars are the training log, quiz and answer key. 

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The Changing Face of BSA Administration: What BSA Officers & Management Must Know

Dec 12, 2019 02:00 PM   -­­  Dec 12, 2019 03:30 PM


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Who Should Attend
  • Lending & Collections
  • Live Webinars
  • Compliance



Normal businesses? No problem. But how do you decide whether to serve potential clients that are somewhat “outside the lines”?

Learning Objectives

  • The decision-making process for more unique businesses
  • The priority realignment that management and BSA officers must accept
  • Marijuana businesses and MRBs (or CRBs)
  • CBD oil
  • MSBs
  • Other higher-risk businesses

You discover a long-time accountholder has changed their business model, and suddenly become a higher BSA risk. You are approached by a new entity whose product mix will potentially impact your BSA operation, but also appears to be someone you should consider as a new accountholder. These scenarios arise more often every day.

It is easy to serve a “normal” business. But what do you do when the potential client is somewhat “outside the lines”? What should be considered within your financial institution? What restrictions/conditions should be placed on such accountholders? Which products will be offered (or not) to these entities? This webinar will address the thought and decision-making processes that BSA staff and management must use to deal with more unique business types.


Bill Elliott, CRCM, Young & Associates, Inc.



Live and recorded webinar, handouts, quiz with answer key and training log are included.