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Using the FPR to Improve Credit Union Performance

Feb 11 2:00 PM - Feb 11, 2020 3:30 PM
Feb 11, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

How does your credit union stack up against your peers?  This practical webinar will teach you how to improve credit union performance by understanding ratios used in the Financial Performance Report.    

Learning Objectives

  • Examine your credit union the way regulators do • Understand and improve credit union profitability
  • Explore the components of net interest margin
  • Compare asset quality and OREO with others
  • Gain perspective on the reserve for loan losses
  • Delve into liquidity
  • Better understand interest-rate risk   

The goal of this webinar is to improve your credit union’s performance by understanding credit union ratios. And nothing provides better information than the Financial Performance Report. By following along with your free, personalized FPR report, you will understand the differences between your credit union and your peers, or any local credit union. Then, use this in strategic planning or daily decision-making to add profitability, improve liquidity, improve asset quality, understand the non-maturity account surge, etc. This pragmatic webinar will provide information you can use immediately and serve as excellent training for the board in fulfilling their responsibility of overseeing credit union performance.  



Gary J. Young, Young & Associates, Inc.

Gary J. Young is founder of Young & Associates, Inc. During 40 years in consulting and 50 years in the industry, he has assisted hundreds of financial institutions from coast-tocoast with establishing effective strategic plans, management assessments, regulatory concerns, budgeting, asset/liability management, expansion planning, and mergers and acquisitions.  Gary is a popular speaker due to his practical and valuable insight and has conducted seminars throughout the United States and in Europe. Gary is on the board of a community credit union, manages a credit union investment fund, and is a co-founder of Capital Market Securities, Inc., which assists with mergers and acquisitions.  




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On-Demand Webinar

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  • Executive Management
  • Board Governance