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2020 Branch Experience Makeover (B2)

May 07 1:30 PM - May 07, 2020 2:30 PM
May 07, 2020 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Breakout Session Description

 The concept of ‘Branch of the Future’ has long been debated. There have been endless discussions about the evolution of the branch – from the ideal size of a brick and mortar location, to what Millennials are wanting from your branch, to what the best solution is for transaction-focused technology (Recyclers?  ITMs?  Smart ATMs?). 

What if we stopped thinking about branch evolution based on a reaction to industry trends and changed its fundamental function? What if the branch became a source of knowledge and inspiration: for both consumers and the financial institutions themselves? What if, instead of focusing on being just a member selling point, the branch became a pillar of organizational learning; continually providing operational, experiential, and other critical feedback to allow the credit union to adapt – in real time – to their members’ needs? 

Learning Objectives

  • How to leverage tools (AI, machine learning, traffic mapping) that you can use to transform your branch into an organizational learning platform – and why that is important
  • How to leverage data analytics to help develop a strategic path forward for a better member experience and the investment it requires
  • How to upgrade your established branches with versatile design elements specifically created to meet the needs of the future member– and how use of technology can help evolve the branch to work harder for you

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Ben La Macchia, Senior Vice President | La Macchia Group





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