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Frontline Branch Series

Feb 01 8:00 AM - Aug 30, 2023 11:00 AM
Feb 01, 2023 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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With constant change facing financial institutions, transactions falling, and overall visits declining, we must find ways to engage our clients, new clients, and the community. We must find ways to deliver better client service in a more efficient manner.

Frontline Branch Series is a 4-part, comprehensive series for beginning and new frontline professionals that focuses on creating a client friendly environment on a budget. This series will focus on how we deliver the ultimate client experience, streamlining work processes to make things fun for employees and the client, resulting in the optimal institution of the future. The series includes group discussion and problem solving, fresh ideas through presentation, and a case-study.

The Goals

Frontline Branch Series will provide employees with:

  • An understanding of the challenges in our industry;
  • An opportunity to learn and about the best UX- user/client experience;
  • The ability to plan for the impact of technology on your financial institution and employees; and
  • The skills to be an ambassador for the financial institution, and build your personal 


Frontline Branch Series

Choose one of these four-part series ...

 1. February 1   

 2. March 1   

 3. March 22

 4. April 26

 1. May 17  

 2. June 28

 3. July 26

 4. August 30   


1.  Culture Shifting in Financial Institutions


Focuses on the shift from order-taking to an engaged, advisory culture and the team issues faced when changing cultures.

Participant Key Skill Transfers to Take Away:

  1. Maximizing performance in the branch, especially when it’s not busy.
  2. Maximizing the Frontline Professional’s own performance as an individual contributor on the branch team.

2.  Wowing the Client


Addresses the needs, wants, and expectations of the new, digital, and younger clients and employees.

Participant Key Skill Transfers to Take Away:

  1. Learning how to ask great client questions.
  2. Working with clients to identify goals and dreams.
  3. Selling appropriate products to actualize client dreams and goals. 

3.  Your Advisory Role


Presents opportunities for the business and employee to engage in activities and skills to drive results across the business for the foreseeable future.

Participant Key Skill Transfers to Take Away:

  1. Learning how to recognize a sales cue and a buying signal.
  2. Learning how to leverage technology and social media as tools to help clients reach financial goals.

4.  Ambassadorship & Growth


Addresses critical skills necessary to make the employee more valuable in the company, and in the community at large.

Participant Key Skill Transfers to Take Away:

  1. Learning to leverage interactions away from the workplace to capture additional business.
  2. Learning to best represent the financial institution away from work.

Check out this Frontline Branch Series video...




$800 (4 part series)

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Topics Covered

  • Operations
  • Member Service
  • Live Webinars
  • Human Resources