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Webinar Bundles

All-in-One Training

Take a deep dive on our most popular webinar topics and save money! Register once and get 4 or 6 webinars for one low price. If the the date for a live webinar are upcoming, you'll get login information for the live webinar (and the recorded version), if a live webinar has passed, you'll get the link to download the on-demand version.

As always, webinars are a cost-effective way to train your entire team: Pay once and receive unlimited viewing!

Laptop & Books

Attorney’s Conference for Non-Attorneys Series

Don't have an in-house counsel and don't have the time/resources to keep up with the latest litigation trends? Join us for the Attorney’s Conference for Non-Attorneys (Sept. 28, Nov. 10 and Jan. 11). This three-part litigation webinar series will address some of the most pressing legal and compliance risks for credit unions along with overall risk mitigation strategies to help protect credit unions. You’ll learn from lawyers with expertise working with credit unions. Made possible thanks to our sponsor Husch Blackwell and the collaborative efforts of the Minnesota Credit Union Network, Heartland Credit Union Association, Illinois Credit Union League, Iowa Credit Union League, Montana Credit Union League, Dakota Credit Union Association, Nebraska Credit Union League, and Wisconsin Credit Union League.

Collections Roundtable Series

Join our credit union collections leaders for an engaging panel conversation. They will share pertinent information applicable to your day-to-day as well as provide ample opportunity for Q&A during this roundtable discussion.

Compliance Courier ON-DEMAND Series

Here is your opportunity to stay informed and engaged with compliance issues for credit unions. This six-session on-demand series provides ongoing news, compliance tips on the hottest of issues.

Credit Analyst Webinar Series

This 4-part series will provide the tools needed to make consistent, sound lending decisions that protect the institution.

E-SIGN Webinar Series

This 4-part series will address the multifaceted aspects of the Act, including risks, best practices, compliance, and document delivery.

Flood Series

This 4-part series will address flood rules, FAQs, disclosure requirements, commercial loan regulations, and much more. Ensure your staff knows the policy ins and outs and the forms line-by-line. Don’t miss this chance to explore each step in developing a watertight flood compliance program!

Frontline Training Series

Join us each month to build your toolkit of skills that will enhance the work you do every day.

Job-Specific BSA Webinar Series

Everyone has a role related to Bank Secrecy Act compliance. This four-part series will ensure that operations, the frontline, lenders, executives and the board are knowledgeable and confident in their BSA duties.

Midsize Credit Union CEO Virtual Roundtable Series

Mark your calendars for this recurring opportunity to share your thoughts, issues and concerns with your credit union colleagues.

New Accounts Series

This 6-part series will address account opening basics for consumers and businesses, plus more complex issues like ownership types and required documentation. Account opening details for nonprofit organizations and nonresident aliens will be included.

Operations Roundtable Series

This complimentary, facilitated roundtable is your chance to discuss the operational items you are wrestling with. Let’s talk about those processes that prompt the question, “I wonder how other credit unions are handling this?"

Remote Workforce Webinar Series

This 6-part series will provide you with a roadmap for addressing key concerns. Questions will be answered, such as: Do we have sound, compliant policies and procedures? What are best practices regarding electronic record access and retention? How do we manage risk and security? What are ways to foster communication so that the remote team member feels connected?

Small Credit Union CEO Virtual Roundtable Series

CEOs, this is your opportunity to share on current issues such as staffing, operations and the continuing impact of the pandemic in your communities.