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On-Demand Compliance Webinars

Compliance Training when YOU Want It

Select among a wide-range of compliance topics, download and watch either individually or as a department. These webinars change monthly with the latest information.

In addition to these rotating webinars, The League offers FREE BSA & OFAC on demand webinars. This includes a three-part series for compliance professionals and one specifically targeted to credit union board members.

Free BSA & OFAC webinars >>

Common HMDA Violations & Challenges

This webinar will review the fundamental HMDA requirements, while focusing on common problem areas that can create reporting violations. Real-life examples will be used to reference HMDA resources that can be used to improve training, identify errors that may not be picked up by edits or software, and streamline verifying data integrity.

Challenges Facing Audit Committees

This webinar, conducted by an audit committee member and veteran CU attorney, will explore the traits of healthy committees, today’s biggest challenges, and how to ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations.

Impact of Reg CC Rule Changes on ACH & RDC: Effective July 1, 2020

This webinar will cover the 2020 funds availability changes detail and address the impact of the 2018 changes on remote deposit capture programs. Scenarios will be used to illustrate key warranties and how breach of warranty situations may be handled.

Understanding Marijuana Business Compliance for the Board

Are you offering deposit accounts or loans to marijuana – or hemp-related businesses? What does the board need to consider? What are the compliance requirements? Learn the details necessary to make an informed decision with this timely program.

Appraisal Compliance Checklist, Including New Threshold Limits

Join this guided tour of sample written policy, procedures, and checklists for real estate and commercial appraisals. You’ll benefit from real-life appraisal scenarios and learn why examiners are pressing auditors to rate an appraisal violation as a moderate-risk finding!

Managing a Commercial Construction Loan: Start to Finish

This webinar will explain the commercial construction lending function from start to finish. It will address the special construction loan documents, proper perfection of security interests and liens during construction,adequate construction monitoring, and loan disbursement procedures.

HELOC Compliance: Disclosures, Documentation, Advertising, Amending & More

This webinar will explain the required HELOC disclosures and advertising restrictions. It will explore specific situations when lenders are permitted to decrease, suspend, or terminate a HELOC, and how to do so. You’ll also learn how to handle HELOCs nearing their end-of-draw periods.

Deposit Operations Update 2020

This webinar will look at new Regulation CC holds, beneficial ownership, error resolution, and operational issues in the back of the house. You’ll learn how to check CIP and keep good internal controls on signature cards. How you manage and control IRS reporting, check handling, error resolution, interest reporting, and more can save thousands in fines and lawsuits. This 2020 update will be important to continued compliance in account and check services and will focus on any new developments in 2020.

Banking Cannabis Businesses: Hemp, CBD, THC & More

This webinar will focus on how financial institutions are currently accepting deposits, lending money,and providing other financial services to cannabis businesses and their service providers –despite the lack of guidance or comprehensive comfort under federal law.

Electronic & Imaged Documents: What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court

Not all imaged documents are treated the same under the law. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to understand the rules regarding electronic and imaged documents to protect your institution from costly mistakes.

ACH Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities

This session will cover the rights and obligations of the financial institution, accountholder, and tax preparer and how the IRS is protecting accountholders from fraud. Learn how to correctly handle tax returns and exceptions to increase compliance and accountholder satisfaction while minimizing liability.

Action Plan for Reg CC Rule Changes Effective July 1, 2020

This webinar will explain the amendments to Regulation CC, address the impact on depository institutions, and outline an action plan to ensure they can prepare for and implement the required changes prior to the July 1, 2020, deadline.

UCC 3 & 4 Check Issues: Stop Payments, Postdated, Stale-Dated & Endorsements

This webinar will explain the most common (and not so common) issues and outline the rights and responsibilities of each party to a check. Join us to learn how to handle checks correctly and with confidence.

Advanced Issues in Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment

This webinar will explain the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act and the tools that every institution needs to evaluate its practices regarding dormant accounts and unclaimed property. There will be a quick review of the basic rules before focusing on more advanced issues. Since escheat laws vary, this webinar will not cover state-specific escheat laws. However, you will be able to find your state-specific escheat laws by using the contact information provided.

Call Report Fundamentals for New Preparers & Reviewers

This session will provide an overview of the call reporting process, including recent changes, internal controls, and critical areas of focus. ​

Compliance at Account Opening

You will learn what each required disclosure means to your institution and accountholders. In addition, this program will explain overdraft requirements, W-9 and W-8BEN new account requirements for nonresident aliens, and many other federal issues. Attend this jampacked session to learn the ins and outs of opening deposit accounts compliantly.

Accounting Nightmares: TDRs, Foreclosed Assets, Investments & More

This webinar will focus on areas such as TDRs, foreclosed assets, alternate investments (outside of normal agency securities), life insurance policies, and business acquisitions. Join us to gain the knowledge and resources to properly account for these on financial statements and Call Reports.

Top 10 Issues for the 2019 HMDA Report: Due March 1, 2020

This fast-paced webinar will cover the top 10 HMDA challenges and provide valuable tools, so you can confidently submit your 2019 HMDA data by March 1, 2020.

Lending to Hemp Businesses, Including Recent USDA Interim Hemp Production Guidance

Where do you start? How will you know a legal hemp crop from an illegal one? What ongoing due diligence and reporting will be expected? Join us for answers to these questions and more in this jam-packed session.

BSA High-Risk Members: Identifying, Enhanced Due Diligence & Monitoring

This webinar will explain how to identify and assess the risk – low, medium, or high – associated with members and products. You’ll learn the additional steps to conduct the “enhanced” due diligence required for higher-risk members and the member and product due diligence necessary for ongoing monitoring.

The League offers many programs that include national speakers. Keep in mind that national speakers bring expertise in their field, but they do not typically address issues under state laws and regulations. Please contact the Legal Affairs Department if you have questions about state or federal issues.