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On-Demand Compliance Webinars

Compliance Training when YOU Want It

Select among a wide-range of compliance topics, download and watch either individually or as a department. These webinars change monthly with the latest information.

In addition to these rotating webinars, The League offers FREE BSA & OFAC on demand webinars. This includes a three-part series for compliance professionals and one specifically targeted to credit union board members.

Free BSA & OFAC webinars >>

E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media

Join us to learn how to implement strategic electronic compliance management that combines policy, training, and technology.

New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities, Best Practices & Skill-Building Tools

This program will explain the framework of what your security program should contain. The implementing regulations are very specific, while allowing leeway for risk management decision-making.

Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process

This webinar will explain legal processes, potential liability, and the situations when documents may be served on your institution. Join us to learn the necessary steps to properly accept service of process and properly respond to these legal documents, including identifying the information that can and can’t be disclosed, determining when the accountholder must be notified, and testifying in court or substituting an Affidavit of Records Custodian.

Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Compliance, Notices & Best Practices

Examiners are focusing on fair lending, discrimination, and Regulation B during heightened audits of adverse action notices.Join us to learn how to conduct a comparative file review of your adverse action notices to ensure no fair lending problems exist.

IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution

It will address traditional and Roth IRA governmental reporting requirements, participant notices, and statement requirements. From 1099-R and 5498 reporting, to RMD and beneficiary distribution reporting, this session will cover a lot of ground! Learn about common reporting mistakes and correction methods to meet your compliance responsibilities.

Opening Accounts Online: Rules, Risks & Best Practices

This fast-paced session will cover the required disclosures for opening deposit accounts, E-SIGN compliance, BSA due diligence for CIP, and best practices for opening deposit accounts online.

Outsourcing Tech Services: Regulations, Examiner Expectations & Actions for Vendor Management

From selecting the best available vendor, to identifying and correcting performance issues, this presentation will examine the practical and regulatory requirements for managing third-party tech relationships and the operational details of creating an effective vendor problem-resolution program.

Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E

This webinar will explain how to properly handle all types of unauthorized ATM/debit card claims and how to accurately calculate the amount, if any, that must be reimbursed to the accountholder.

Form I-9 Update

All employers are now required to use the recently updated Form I-9. Changes to the Form present new ways for employers to make mistakes.

Powers of Attorney

Learn how to make sure a power of attorney is valid and the transactions are properly authorized

Representative Payees & Guardians

Learn how to handle accounts for representative payees appointed by Social Security and guardians of the estate as appointed by the courts

Motor Vehicle Self-Help Repossession

Learn how credit unions can repossess vehicles in Wisconsin without having to go to court first

Wisconsin Consumer Act I: Loan Agreements & Practices

Learn which loans the Consumer Act covers, what terms can and cannot be included in those loan documents and what lending practices the credit union must avoid to comply with Wisconsin law

Wisconsin Consumer Act II: Delinquency & Collections

Get the latest on late fees, determining when a consumer loan is in default” sending a property Notice of Right to Cure, setoff, and a number of other important topics

Wisconsin Marital Property Act

Learn how spouses classify their assets and debts, how credit unions grant credit to a spouse applying alone and how Marital Property laws affect collections

Decedents' Accounts

Find out what you need to do when credit union member dies and how to manage their accounts.

The League offers many programs that include national speakers. Keep in mind that national speakers bring expertise in their field, but they do not typically address issues under state laws and regulations. Please contact the Legal Affairs Department if you have questions about state or federal issues.