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Mobile Device Risks, Records & Compliance Rules: Managing Your BYOD & COPE Policies & Procedures

Join us to learn how to minimize mobile device risks, manage authorized use, and maximize legal and organizational compliance.



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Financial institution employees and executives regularly use iPhones, tablets, and other mobile devices for business and personal communications. Some use personal, unsecured smartphones to conduct business; others use employer - owned phones to hold privat e, nonbusiness conversations. Either way, mobile device use increases your financial institution’s legal, regulatory, security, and productivity risks.

To help manage potentially costly risks, best practices dictate development of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Company - Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) policies and procedures, supported by employee education and technology. This session will review mobile risks facing financial institutions, including how best - practices - based policies and procedures can reduce the likelihood of online disasters, increase legal compliance, and enhance communication. Don’t let smartphone slip - ups and mobile missteps blemish your institution’s reputation, damage accountholder relationships, or sink employees’ careers. Join us to learn how to minimize mobile device risks, manage authorized use, and maximize legal and organizational compliance.

Learning Objectives

  • Managing mobile device risks and compliance with best - practices - based policy 
  • Writing and implementing effective BYOD and COPE policies 
  • Educating employees about BYOD and COPE risks, records, policies, and procedures 
  • Safeguarding consumer privacy and confidential institution data on mobile devices
  • Preserving, protecting, and producing electronic business records created b y mobile devices 
  • Choosing the right communications channel for your institution 
  • Anticipating and preventing legal, regulatory, security, productivity, and other mobile risks 
  • Content rules to enhance mobile communication and compliance 
  • Enforcing personal - u se rules to minimize risks and maximize productivity 
  • Monitoring mobile devices: reconciling privacy expectations with legal realities 
  • Lessons learned from real - life mobile device disaster stories 
  • Applying tips, tools, and rules for compliant, secure, and productive mobile device use


Nancy Flynn, The ePolicy Institute™