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On-Demand HR & Operations Webinars

Accounting Nightmares: TDRs, Foreclosed Assets, Investments & More

This webinar will focus on areas such as TDRs, foreclosed assets, alternate investments (outside of normal agency securities), life insurance policies, and business acquisitions. Join us to gain the knowledge and resources to properly account for these on financial statements and Call Reports.

Prepare your credit union for an active shooter

Keeping your employees and members safe is every credit union's most important priority. An active shooter situation is one of the scariest and most important situations for any credit union to be prepared to handle.

IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs & Backup Withholding

Join us to learn about the world of IRS reporting and best practices for compliance and efficiency.

ACH Error Resolution: Returns, Authorizations, WSUDs, Stop Payments & More

This program will address these challenges and explain how to handle them according to ACH rules. Case studies and scenarios will demonstrate how to respond knowledgeably when faced with ACH errors.

Robbery Preparedness: Meeting Your Annual Compliance Requirement

Learn the latest FBI robbery statistics, how to best assist law enforcement, and which details are important to investigators. You must understand the actions employees should and shouldn’t take during a robbery.

Hiring in the Digital Age: What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Social Media

This informative session will review the plethora of social media and digital tools available to today’s hiring managers and include a compliance framework for using them. From managing your online appearance, to crafting the perfect online ad, you’ll learn about the myriad digital-hiring danger zones and garner tools to ensure compliance.

The Financial Statement Audit Process

This session will cover a lot of ground, starting with an independent auditor’s objective and concluding with a better understanding of how audit reports are created.

E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media

Join us to learn how to implement strategic electronic compliance management that combines policy, training, and technology.

New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities, Best Practices & Skill-Building Tools

This program will explain the framework of what your security program should contain. The implementing regulations are very specific, while allowing leeway for risk management decision-making.

IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution

It will address traditional and Roth IRA governmental reporting requirements, participant notices, and statement requirements. From 1099-R and 5498 reporting, to RMD and beneficiary distribution reporting, this session will cover a lot of ground! Learn about common reporting mistakes and correction methods to meet your compliance responsibilities.

Form I-9 Update

All employers are now required to use the recently updated Form I-9. Changes to the Form present new ways for employers to make mistakes.