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On-Demand Lending & Collections Webinars

Top 10 Issues for the 2019 HMDA Report: Due March 1, 2020

This fast-paced webinar will cover the top 10 HMDA challenges and provide valuable tools, so you can confidently submit your 2019 HMDA data by March 1, 2020.

Lending to Hemp Businesses, Including Recent USDA Interim Hemp Production Guidance

Where do you start? How will you know a legal hemp crop from an illegal one? What ongoing due diligence and reporting will be expected? Join us for answers to these questions and more in this jam-packed session.

Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC-1 Financing Statements

This webinar will explain how to correctly complete each section of the UCC-1 Form and where to file it for every type of consumer and commercial debtor situation. You’ll also learn how to correct an inaccurate or improperly filed UCC-1 Form.

Updated Flood Insurance Exam Procedures, Including Recent Private Flood Insurance Rules

This webinar will review the updated examination procedures to ensure your institution has taken reasonable actions to successfully pass your next flood insurance examination.

The Changing Face of BSA Administration: What BSA Officers & Management Must Know

This webinar will address the thought and decision-making processes that BSA staff and management must use to deal with more unique business types.

Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact?

This webinar will provide the knowledge needed to confidently setup and maintain business accounts. For each business type, you’ll learn the documents required, the correct taxpayer identification number, and who has authority to sign and conduct transactions.

Consumer Privacy: New Online & Mobile App Issues, GDPR, Reg P & Compliance

This webinar will explain your institution’s existing consumer privacy obligations under GLBA and how GDPR and CCPA differ from it. You’ll also learn how to determine whether your institution will be impacted by GDPR and CCPA.

Robbery Preparedness: Meeting Your Annual Compliance Requirement

Learn the latest FBI robbery statistics, how to best assist law enforcement, and which details are important to investigators. You must understand the actions employees should and shouldn’t take during a robbery.

When a Borrower Dies: Rules, Procedures & Liabilities

This webinar will thoroughly explain the proper procedures and processes to follow when a borrower dies, including the special procedures under the mortgage servicing rules regarding home loans.

Critical Timing Requirements in the Mortgage Lending Lifecycle

This webinar will dig into the loan compliance timing constraints related to the delivery, receipt, and retention of mortgage loan documents.

1099 Reporting: Foreclosures, Repossessions & Debt Settlements

Join us for a line-by-line review and learn how, when, and what to report on Forms 1099-A and 1099-C.

Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review

This webinar will address the four key points regulators are emphasizing and how to satisfy their expectations.

Demystifying Rules for TRID Tolerances

This program will also analyze the increased difficulty presented by situations where multiple Loan Estimates have been issued or where a Closing Disclosure or corrected Closing Disclosure has been used to reset tolerance levels.

Appraisal & Evaluation Guidance on Collateral Valuation

Attend this webinar to gain a firm understanding of the real estate collateral valuation requirements imposed on financial institutions and appraisers. The focus will be on reviewing regulatory guidance and best practices for collateral valuations.

Official Demands Part 2: Handling Garnishments, Levies & Judgment Liens

This webinar will explain all aspects of garnishments, levies, warrants, and judgment liens, and the situations in which they are served. Join us to understand how to handle legal processes, such as identifying accounts, placing account holds, answering interrogatories, notifying the accountholder, and remitting funds.

Effective Management of Credit Report Disputes: Completing ACDVs, AUDs & Correcting Joint Credit

This session will cut through the regulatory web and provide a clean, manageable credit reporting process for your institution.

Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process

This webinar will explain legal processes, potential liability, and the situations when documents may be served on your institution. Join us to learn the necessary steps to properly accept service of process and properly respond to these legal documents, including identifying the information that can and can’t be disclosed, determining when the accountholder must be notified, and testifying in court or substituting an Affidavit of Records Custodian.

Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Compliance, Notices & Best Practices

Examiners are focusing on fair lending, discrimination, and Regulation B during heightened audits of adverse action notices.Join us to learn how to conduct a comparative file review of your adverse action notices to ensure no fair lending problems exist.

20 Common Mistakes in Consumer Collections

This webinar will explain the most common consumer collection mistakes and how to reduce your institution’s liability risk.

What Are Those Partnership & S-Corp Tax Returns Telling Me?

This webinar will help take the mystery out of Partnership and S-Corp tax returns and you’ll learn how to quickly and reliably identify a business’s real monthly cash flow.