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On-Demand Lending & Collections Webinars

Call Report Preparation: Avoiding Common Errors

Examiners are consistently reporting Call Report errors as findings, regardless of materiality. This program is designed to help you avoid common – yet costly – mistakes.

Developing & Delivering an Effective Loan Presentation

This webinar will extensively outline the elements of a highly effective loan presentation that properly communicates known risks while highlighting mitigating factors. The five Cs of credit will be used in developing the loan presentation, adding a sixth and seventh C of credit to consider.

Motor Vehicle Self-Help Repossession

Learn how credit unions can repossess vehicles in Wisconsin without having to go to court first

Wisconsin Consumer Act I: Loan Agreements & Practices

Learn which loans the Consumer Act covers, what terms can and cannot be included in those loan documents and what lending practices the credit union must avoid to comply with Wisconsin law

Wisconsin Consumer Act II: Delinquency & Collections

Get the latest on late fees, determining when a consumer loan is in default” sending a property Notice of Right to Cure, setoff, and a number of other important topics

Wisconsin Marital Property Act

Learn how spouses classify their assets and debts, how credit unions grant credit to a spouse applying alone and how Marital Property laws affect collections