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On-Demand Member Service Webinars

Frontline Microlearning Modules

Power up your frontline with consumer compliance know-how with these must-attend microlearning modules! Arm your frontline with the information and tools needed to meet regulatory expectations and provide excellent service. Each of the six 10-15-minute recorded sessions can be used as a stand-alone module for new hires or on-going training.

Revisiting Reg CC Policies, Disclosures & Notices for Rule Changes Effective July 1, 2020

This jam-packed session will review each of these documents section-by-section and line-by-line to ensure you’re prepared for your next audit or exam.

Safe Deposit Issues: Delinquency, Death & Abandonment

This webinar will cover everything you need to know to properly handle safe deposit boxes, including the rental agreement, collecting rent, drilling the box, and escheatment of box contents to the state.

BSA Special Risks: Policy, Law Enforcement & Regulator Issues

This webinar will review what’s old, what’s new, and what’s to come. It will highlight hot issues and provide key take-aways that will strengthen your BSA/AML program.

Robbery Preparedness: Meeting Your Annual Compliance Requirement

Learn the latest FBI robbery statistics, how to best assist law enforcement, and which details are important to investigators. You must understand the actions employees should and shouldn’t take during a robbery.

When a Borrower Dies: Rules, Procedures & Liabilities

This webinar will thoroughly explain the proper procedures and processes to follow when a borrower dies, including the special procedures under the mortgage servicing rules regarding home loans.

Provisional Credit Under Reg E: Rules, Best Practices & FAQs

This webinar will explain how to properly investigate alleged errors and unauthorized EFTs and when to properly provide provisional credit.

Personal Accounts: Ownership, Authorization, Titling & Documentation

This session will focus on two areas: first, the challenges of closing or changing consumer accounts and second, the specific complexities regarding various deposit account ownership categories.

Medallion & Signature Guarantee Risks, Rules & Best Practices

Do you know the differences between the various signature guarantees, including the STAMP Medallion Program? Join us to learn the situations in which each type of signature guarantee is required, including analysis of the related risks and liabilities.

Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review

This webinar will address the four key points regulators are emphasizing and how to satisfy their expectations.

POD Account Documentation, Compliance, Beneficiaries & Closing

This webinar will explain every aspect of POD accounts, including proper account-opening documentation, information to obtain after the account owner dies, and how to distribute the funds. It will also address situations like when the POD beneficiary has predeceased the account owner or when your institution wants to set off the POD account for the deceased account owner’s debt.

Head Teller Training: Maximizing Teller Performance

This must-attend session will cover communication methods, developing creative learning experiences, teamwork, organizational skills, management principles, and performance feedback.

Managing Minor Accounts: Withdrawals, Transfers, CDD, Closing & Best Practices

Although state-specific statutes will not be covered, this session will address key challenges and offer practical solutions for opening minor accounts.

Opening Donation, Memorial & Other Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations & Corporations

This session will teach you how to comply with the BSA provisions for donation, memorial, nonprofit, and corporation accounts and provide practical tips for opening each.

How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E

This webinar will explain how to determine if Reg E applies in each situation and how to handle unauthorized electronic fund transfers under Reg E. It will also explain those situations when the NACHA, UCC, or Visa/MC rules apply to the unauthorized electronic fund transfer.

Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process

This webinar will explain legal processes, potential liability, and the situations when documents may be served on your institution. Join us to learn the necessary steps to properly accept service of process and properly respond to these legal documents, including identifying the information that can and can’t be disclosed, determining when the accountholder must be notified, and testifying in court or substituting an Affidavit of Records Custodian.

Opening Accounts Online: Rules, Risks & Best Practices

This fast-paced session will cover the required disclosures for opening deposit accounts, E-SIGN compliance, BSA due diligence for CIP, and best practices for opening deposit accounts online.

Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E

This webinar will explain how to properly handle all types of unauthorized ATM/debit card claims and how to accurately calculate the amount, if any, that must be reimbursed to the accountholder.

Powers of Attorney

Learn how to make sure a power of attorney is valid and the transactions are properly authorized

Representative Payees & Guardians

Learn how to handle accounts for representative payees appointed by Social Security and guardians of the estate as appointed by the courts