Convention Event Details

Leading with Payments (A4)

May 09, 11:00 AM   -­­  May 09, 12:00 PM

Breakout Session Description

Consumers are paying for products and services every single day. Their wallet carries numerous cards and one or more of these cards could even power their digital wallet(s). FinTech and large financial institutions continue to pursue consumers to adopt their “superior, seamless, convenient, secure and incentive-laden” payment instruments. 

How do you compete in this arena? What would it take for you to earn your consumers’ confidence to be that top of wallet card? What would a leading with payments strategy do for your financial institution? Can you truly lead with payments?

Learning Objectives

Learn how to do the five things that form the foundation of an effective payment strategy well so you can counter FinTech, lead with payments and nurture your way to becoming the consumers’ primary financial institution.

  1. Superior Service: Timely and proactive responsiveness that will make it easier for your organization to serve consumers, keep consumers, and get new consumers
  2. Earnings Growth: More cards, more usage, portfolio growth – payments as a strategic moneymaker for your organization
  3. Circumvent Fraud: Fight to circumvent fraud – card present, card not present, social engineering, heuristics, and even curtail false positives
  4. Drive Innovation: The future is about touch-point real-time authentication – card controls, deciphering big data, and being like or better than FinTech
  5. Consistent Experiences: Giving the consumer seamless frictionless experiences – p2p, debit, credit, ACH, digital wallet.


Sundeep Kapur | Educator & Founder, Digital Credence, Inc.