The Movement: Move Forward

The Movement

This year we are continuing our theme series: The Movement.

Credit unions are more than simply an industry, we are part of something greater, a Movement, The Credit Union Movement. Our common mission and purpose is to:

"Encourage thrift among [our] members, create a source of fair credit at a fair and reasonable cost and provide an opportunity for [our] members to improve their economic and social conditions" - Wis. Stats. § 186.01(2)

Move Forward

Credit unions move forward. Credit unions begin globally in 1864 (155 years ago), in the US in 1909 (110 years ago) and in Wisconsin in 1923 (96 years ago). 2019 also represents the 85th Annual Wisconsin Credit Union Convention. In these over 100 years of financial cooperative efforts, a lot has changed. Credit unions would have failed long ago if they weren’t the ones leading the change. Credit unions move forward.

In looking forward, credit unions can only best serve their members when they look to the future and advocate on their behalf. Credit unions strive to guide their members to make smart financial decisions that will serve them in the long-term. Forward-thinking, bleeding edge innovations and strategic risk-taking are required. 

Change is a constant, but despite new innovations for member service, changing laws and regulations, new technology, new threats and more, what remains constant is credit union’s purpose, their ability to move with purpose, in concert and forward.

Strengthen your skills and find out how to better move forward with your credit union, your members and the credit union Movement as a whole. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to be a leader in your community
  • How to be a resource for lawmakers
  • How to share your credit union’s story in new ways
  • How to build relationships with legislators
  • How to capitalize on emerging industry trends
  • How to create, promote & strengthen REAL Solutions at your credit union
  • How to proactively support the credit union movement
  • How to maximize the skills of staff and volunteers, from board members to young professionals and everyone in between

Join your League, peers and industry experts from around the globe as we gather as one Movement all moving forward with each other!