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Improve exams: weigh in with NCUA

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Jun 17, 2016

Improve your credit union's exam experience by weighing in as the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) revises its supervision and examination procedures.

What NCUA is doing

The federal agency announced in May that - in addition to changes to Call Reports - it seeks to extend its 12-month exam cycle and have a new system in place for 2017. Currently, its practice is to conduct annual exams of state-chartered credit unions with at least $250 million in assets.

Specific feedback requested

Specifically, the agency wants to hear your thoughts on:

  • How NCUA can minimize its impact on credit union operations during exams 
  • What concerns credit unions have about the current exam/supervision program
  • How NCUA can improve exam efficiency while ensuring effectiveness
  • How NCUA can better use technology in exams
  • What metrics should make a credit union eligible for an extended exam cycle

How to provide feedback

By August 1, share your thoughts with the agency via email.

Refer to the NCUA's web page devoted to the process for udpates.

Advocacy made it happen

Our movement's ongoing exam survey process found that dual exams by federal and state regulators remain a consistent stressor for credit unions nationwide.

The move to make adjustments follows ongoing advocacy by leagues, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), and Activists communicating with both regulators and lawmakers. A Member of Congress recently included exam relief in proposed legislation. NCUA responded, saying those efforts are well underway.

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