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Budget for League consulting services: boost compliance, lending, planning

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Nov 28, 2017

Wisconsin credit unions can contract with The League's highly qualified professionals for cost-effective consulting services. Budget now so that in 2018 you can use:

Compliance Specialist Services

This staff-sharing program lets credit unions of any size or budget access expert, League-trained, state-specific compliance help that's tied to our vast in-house online resources. It's a cost efficient way to implement compliance workload at a fraction of what it'd cost you to hire this expertise independently. The program takes the compliance information The League has always offered and turns it into a boots-on-the-ground resource that gets compliance tasks organized and completed! In addition, we offer "ad hoc" compliance help as needed for specific projects, such as Bank Secrecy Act independent testing, annual ACH audits, and SAFE Act compliance reviews. Learn more and contact Paul Guttormsson for details and pricing.

Reach Business Lenders®, LLC (RBL)

RBL has been facilitating business loan origination, participation and other services to Wisconsin credit unions for almost two years. In that time, it has originated more than $60 million in loans, created more than 180 loan participations and improved the balance sheet performance of more than 30 Wisconsin credit unions. We expect 2018 to be a year of strong opportunity, so contact David Hall at (608) 514-0084 to learn how we can assist you.

Board Planning Services

Josh Roberts, League Vice President of System Collaboration and Development, draws from two decades of experience serving credit unions as a vice president, controller and compliance officer to share insights and challenge your assumptions. He has become one of the most sought-after facilitators for board planning sessions, drawing from his knowledge of what the most successful credit unions of all sizes are doing (and not doing) to achieve their growth potential. His experience with exam issues, accounting, asset/liability management, policy development and the mission and purpose of credit unions will help you remove roadblocks inhibiting your lending and reveal actionable steps to take your income performance to new heights. Contact Josh at (608) 514-0080.

Wisconsin credit unions come together as a single League to Unite for Good; we remove barriers, increase awareness and foster service excellence. All of these steps help more Americans to see credit unions as their best financial partner and regard their credit union as their primary financial institution. Read more articles in our Unite for Good series.