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Use a scholarship, say CUNA Management School grads

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Jan 16, 2018

There's no better testimony as to why you should apply for a CUNA Management School (CMS) Scholarship from the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation than that provided by recent Wisconsin graduates of the program.

Recent CMS graduates include:

Marianne Torkelson, CCUE, VP - Business Development & Training - Co-op Credit Union 

CMS provided an awesome opportunity for me to learn about myself, my credit union and the movement as a whole. It's rigorous and challenging, which makes the journey so worthwhile!

Kandi Thiry, CCUE, Branch Manager - PCM Credit Union 

(CMS) wasn’t easy, but in the end it was very rewarding. It taught me how every aspect of the credit union ties together to make it successful, from HR issues to capital asset ratios. You will understand the purpose and importance of each area after attending CMS. I also met some amazing people from credit unions all over the nation from $10 million in assets to $2 billion. I was honored that our executive management team gave me the opportunity to attend and I would recommend attending CMS to anyone who is looking to move into any kind of management role within their credit union.

Rachel Raygo, CCUE, President - Tri-County Credit Union

CMS has helped me immensely to learn more about my credit union and myself. It was a challenge, but the support and encouragement of everyone involved with CMS, my classmates and peers, my Board, my co-workers and my family helped me to meet my goal of graduation. CMS is truly a team effort! I was encouraged by my Board to attend as my grandfather also graduated from CUNA Management School (class of 1960) and I would highly encourage anyone involved with the credit union movement to attend. 

Jason Behling, CCUE, AVP of Retail Lending - Fox Communities Credit Union

Attending CMS is one of the best opportunities for both professional and personal growth you can take advantage of. The skills and knowledge learned from classes, projects, and most importantly the networking with other credit union professionals across the country is priceless.  ‚Äč

If you plan to apply, remember it's a three-year commitment. Enrollees in CUNA Management School commit to a two-week on-campus experience held in each of three consecutive summers. CUNA also offers scholarships.

The Foundation Scholarship is worth up to $2,000. Applications are due February 28. Recipients will be notified by March 31. Questions? Contact Mary Bliss at (262) 408-6002.