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YP Network: a successful year in review (infographic)

Jan 26, 2018
By Christine Henzig, Director of Communications
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The Wisconsin Credit Union League's Young Professionals (YP) Network really boomed this year with YPs who are:YP Network Infographic 2017

  • Growing - YP Network membership increased 28% over 2016. It grew to 714 YPs from 85 Wisconsin credit unions.

  • Supported - Current credit union executives encouraged them to take on leadership roles and activities for the Network, in their chapter, community and credit union.

  • Leaders - They hold key roles at their credit union, guide the Network and League Board, & several YPs guided internal YP programs.

  • Advocates - A third of Wisconsin YPs are politically engaged and made 231 legislative visits in 2017. They're also fundraising to keep pro-credit union policymakers in government.

  • Givers - YPs raised $3,500 for the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation in 2017 ($10,000 since inception), and have won 21 of its scholarships since inception. 

"Credit union executives support participation in the YP Network because they want their up-and-coming employees to have the same chance they had to play a meaningful role in their work, in their community and the larger credit union Movement," said League Vice President of System Collaboration & Development Josh Roberts.

"They've spent their careers ensuring that credit unions improve the financial wellness of Wisconsin citizens and communities, and see the YP Network as a way for the next generation of leaders to take the reins in preserving those benefits," he added

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