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Lawmakers supported credit unions, now let's support them

Oct 22, 2018
By Christine Henzig, Director of Communications

Now's the time to use your Credit Union Members' Conduit funds to help pro-credit union candidates win their elections this fall!


Your Credit Union Members' Conduit Account allows you to designate the lawmaker or candidates who receive your contributions. The funds in your account are best used now, before election day.

If you don't have an account, you can open one any time - it takes just $25 to open an account with funds which can then be authorized toward a campaign.


The Nov. 6 general election will determine who serves in all 99 Wisconsin Assembly seats, 17 of 32 state senate seats, as well as the next Governor. You can authorize funds from your Members' Conduit Account toward the individuals running in any of those state level races.

Curious what your candidates think about credit unions? Check out your candidate's thoughts on credit union issues in their response to The League's candidate survey.


  • Your help is needed. Funds are pouring in to candidates from credit union adversaries. While a few organizations can cut big checks, credit unions' grassroots are formidable; if many individuals give a little, our impact can be great! We need to act together to maintain and increase our influence and visibility among Wisconsin lawmakers.

  • Timing is everything! Candidates need your support in the pre-election home stretch.

  • Relationships are two-way streets. We asked legislators to introduce and pass important legislation and key state and federal regulatory reforms last session and they did! It's critical we keep these valuable supporters in government.

  • Strong relationships help head off negative proposals. Heading into a new legislative cycle and budget process where credit unions have repeatedly faced harmful proposals being pushed by bankers' associations, we need friends in the Capitol to go to bat for us!

  • It's easy and doesn't have to be expensive. Pitch in at whatever level you can; our impact is huge when everyone participates! Urge co-workers to give!

  • Help your credit union reach its fundraising goals and be a political advocacy leader in Wisconsin!


  • Authorize funds from your personal Members' Conduit Account

  • Deposit funds into your account (and then authorize them!):
    • Using credit/debit. Visit > Fundraising > Credit Card Conduit or WCULAF Contributions (login) > Fundraising >Scroll to bottom for credit card options.
    • Via check. Mail a personal check payable to "Members' Conduit" to the League, Attn: Wade Kutchera, 1 E. Main St., Suite 101, Madison, WI 53703.
  • Sign up for Payroll Deduction to continuously deposit and develop a balance for your account. Your credit union must have a signed permission form with The League for you to participate.


Authorize funds from your account before the November 6 general elections to have the best impact. 


Contact Sarah Wainscott.

The League and CUNA engage with credit union Activists in a 360-degree advocacy approach that helps credit unions positively shape their operating environment and remove barriers to serving members. Read more articles in our Unite for Good series