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Rave reviews: Compliance Specialists

Nov 07, 2018
By Christine Henzig, Director of Communications

Wisconsin credit unions are raving about the staff-sharing program created by and for Wisconsin credit unions through The League. They're using it to get compliance tasks completed, follow up after exams, better prepare for future exams, and put their attention where it belongs: on members.

The League’s Compliance Specialist Program lets credit unions tap the assistance of a League-trained compliance professional with years of compliance experience plus credentials that are important to regulators. Every specialist is up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations; the credit unions that engage them set their priorities and determine a time frame that suits their own needs and budget.

Compliance Specialists...a rave review!

The latest raves from credit unions 

Steve Nothem - Premier Financial Credit Union

"I will tell anyone willing to listen the following … If you can afford to have a full-time compliance specialist on staff, do it, provided you can find someone as knowledgeable as the League’s. This is likely not going to happen. If you can’t, this program is exactly for you."

Mary Zillman, Brokaw Credit Union

"Thank you for your creative and visionary foresight in designing a Compliance Specialist program for credit unions - especially for those who are small or mid-sized. Your trained specialists help us to think through our logic, stay abreast of things we aren’t yet aware of, and allow us to keep compliance issues moving forward without us bearing the whole burden. These qualified people provide mental relief! Thank you for this ingenious program."

Debra Woods, Taylor Credit Union

"We have had a Compliance Specialist working with us since the inception of the program. We have realized a great return on our investment."

Carol Adler, Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union

"I believe this program has proven its merit for us as we have improved greatly in tracking needed changes and implementing new and revised regulations and rules. It is very valuable to have this resource.”

Richard Delfs, MCU Financial Center Credit Union

“The Compliance Specialist program has been invaluable to MCU, definitely worth the cost.”

Kay Radloff, Avestar Credit Union

"The Compliance Specialist program is wonderful! With all the hats we have to wear at the credit union, it is nice to know we have someone who just takes care of the compliance side. They help keep us on track with policy updates and are a good reminder if a regulatory change is coming up."

Sharon Tome, Shoreline Credit Union

"We are very pleased with the Compliance Specialist Program. It is very beneficial knowing we are being updated on all regulatory changes. The regulators also comment on the benefit of this program. The Specialists also do a great job on BSA and ACH audits."

How the program works

Choose how you wish to use the Compliance Specialists:

Partner Program

Credit unions in a particular region of the state share a Specialist, setting their hours as needed. The credit union receives help on a regular basis for a variety of compliance tasks. 

Ala Carte Services

Credit unions contract with League Specialists on a per-project basis to tackle the occasional catch-up task, or to address specific pain points during the year. 

Learn more

Read the full program details.

Questions? Contact Paul Guttormsson, VP Legal & Compliance for The League, at (608) 640-4052.

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