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A Partnership Rooted in Our Collective Purpose

A Partnership Rooted in Our Collective Purpose
Jan 06, 2020
By Gerry Singleton, CUNA Mutual Group
  • System Vendor
The collective power of our collaboration as credit union system partners helps us remain competitive in a rapidly changing financial services marketplace. We’re excited to finalize our new agreement with the entire league system, as we continue building on our strong history of advocacy and support for the credit unions we collectively serve.

CUNA Mutual Group was established nearly 85 years ago as part of the credit union movement, founded the principle of people helping people. A lot has changed since our founding in 1935, but we’ve stayed true to our roots and our fundamental belief that a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone.

The people we serve in partnership with credit unions work hard for what they have and want to protect their livelihood and loved ones. We work every day to deliver innovative, reliable solutions and experiences that enable more people in more ways to make financial decisions that work for them.

Customer expectations are changing fast and we’re changing with those expectations. We clearly aren’t the same company we were a few years ago. We’re going through our own transformation to remain relevant to the credit unions and consumers we serve today. We’re looking to the future and embracing innovation and disruption. Technology will continue to transform how consumers interact with businesses and we’re making high-levels of investment in technology and the customer experience.

Today, we protect nearly 30 million consumers and have relationships with 95% of credit unions in the U.S. Helping credit unions remain strong is a big priority for us. That’s why we support organizations that contribute to the growth and vitality of credit unions; providing more than $155 million to the movement over the last 5 years.

United on Advocacy

Our commitment to credit unions extends well beyond our products and services. When the advocacy battles heat up, we are there to stand united with credit unions. Most recently, we focused our resources and advocacy efforts to preserve the credit union tax exemption in Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas and Illinois. That battle isn’t over yet and we’ll continue to stand united with credit unions on these critically important issues.

Giving Back Part of our Core

Like credit unions, giving back to the community is part of who we are. Last year, our employees donated their time, money and expertise, logging more than 15,000 volunteer hours. We also contributed an additional $20 million to our foundation to create a sustainable funding source for many years to come. We want to make a real difference and help close the gap on economic and educational disparities in our communities.

Fostering a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture

We believe greatness can come from anywhere and anyone and we’re building an environment where everyone feels included. Our 12 employee resource groups are driving greater awareness around how our unique and diverse backgrounds build a stronger and more innovative organization.

We’re excited about the future. We believe CUNA Mutual Group will continue to be the partner credit unions count on to help them grow in new ways and to build deeper member relationships.

We’ll be there to make a difference in the lives of your members, in partnership with credit unions.

We’re getting better and better at anticipating and responding to your needs. We’re delivering insight, products, and service that exceed your expectations. We are here to help credit unions and the sytem succeed.

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Gerry Singleton is the Vice President, Credit Union System Relations for CUNA Mutual Group, the leading provider of insurance and financial services to credit unions and their members. Contact him at [email protected].