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Three Credit Unions Honored with Governor's Financial Literacy Awards

2019 Gov Fin Lit Awards
Feb 19, 2020
By Sammy Dennis
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On Wednesday, Governor Evers honored over a dozen individuals, businesses, and organizations with the 2019 Governor's Financial Literacy Awards. Altra Federal Credit Union, Educators Credit Union, and Summit Credit Union were among the recipients.
"Financial literacy training is something we all need throughout our lives from elementary school to the workplace to retirement," Gov. Tony Evers said. "The dedication of these individuals and groups to help the people of Wisconsin become financially secure and achieve their dreams is commendable." 

Educators Credit Union was honored for their Reality Check Days, which offer high school students in Southeast Wisconsin the chance to manage a hypothetical adult's monthly budget. Students plan their finances in response to real world externailities and desired purchases.
Altra Federal Credit Union was honored for their work creating informative financial presentations, covering an array of different financial topics. Over the past five years, their presentations reached over 21,000 youths and 7,100 adults. The presentations are part of a larger goal to expand and improve financial literacy in Wisconsin.
Summit Credit Union was honored for their work in the Madison area school district, most recently the opening of the Madison West High School in-school branch. Their work in the Madison community helps support young adults daily, by providing resources to be financially successful.  

The recipients were selected by the Governor's Council on Financial Literacy from the nominations submitted for consideration. Criteria weighed during the screening process included innovative implementation, demonstrated measurable results, collaboration with partners, and whether the effort was focused on needs-based groups. 

View the Wisconsin DFI press release here

About The Author

Sammy Dennis is The Director of Communications at The Wisconsin Credit Union League.