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Three Things You’ll Learn from the Women's Leadership Series

Sep 28, 2022
By Hannah Higgins
  • Education & Events

This year’s Women’s Leadership Series features speakers who will be teaching ways to become the best  leader you can be. Here are three key takeaways you can expect from this empowering series, held October 11, October 25, and November 8:  

1. Living with Passion and Working on Purpose 

Who has time for passion and purpose in today’s busy world? On October 11, our featured speaker, Dr. Alise Cortez, will teach you the importance of being intentional about your mindset, cultivating passions and inspirations, and awakening your purpose. You owe it to yourself to attend this seminar…living and working from passion and purpose will redefine your life!  


2. The Secret to Getting What You Really Want 

Do you ask for what you want? Or do you simply take what you’re offered? In this seminar by author Linda Swindling, you will learn about the magic in asking. The strongest friendships, top sales teams, and most successful businesses have one thing in common – courageous people who boldly ask for what they want in the face of fear.  The best results are achieved by people who know how to ask outrageously. Learn about negotiation strategies as well as ways to spot other people’s negotiation styles.  These tools will teach you to communicate effectively and create outrageously great outcomes.  


3. The Power of Mindful Breath 

Physician Assistant-Certified Emma Rose will focus her seminar on techniques to reduce overthinking, over planning, and overextending ourselves using breathwork. She will focus on practical ways to weed out harmful thought patterns and behaviors normalized by society and will lead guided exercises that will leave you feeling calm, clear, confident, and inspired, Stress is inevitable.  Having tools to gracefully manage stress, can transform a mediocre life into a fulfilling life you are excited about.  


Our Women’s Leadership Series will bring empowerment and enlightenment to all who attend.  Mark your calendars…you do not want to miss the seminars from these amazing speakers! Register now.  

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About The Author

Hannah Higgins is the Communications Assistant for The Wisconsin Credit Union League.