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2022 League Highlights

2021 Highlights
Dec 07, 2022
By Sammy Dennis
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The Wisconsin Credit Union League is hard at work on behalf of Wisconsin's credit unions and credit union members. See how your 2022 dues contributed to advocacy outreach, compliance support, continuing education, and development initiatives that strengthened The Credit Union Movement throughout the state. 

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1. Education

  • 85% of all Wisconsin's credit unions participated in League training events
  • 364 virtual and in-person education and training opportunities were offered
  • 85 graduates from The League's Leadership Institute since its inception 
  • 2,400+ credit union staff members at all levels participated in training events

2. Compliance

  • 1,500+ callers received compliance support via the compliance hotline
  • 70+ updates were made to 168 ii Releases
  • A new, tailored "Model Credit Union Employee Handbook" was released
  • A new, HR Legal Line was launched
  • 65+ issues of the Compliance Courier were sent to members keeping them informed of the latest updates
  • $800 per member savings annually for PolicyAid compliance 

3. Advocacy

  • 80% of registered voters support credit unions' corporate tax exemption.
  • 2,250+ contacts made to state and federal lawmakers on credit union state statute modernization, interchange, and other policy priorities 
  • 350+ hours spent by lobbyists on behalf of credit unions
  • 0 proposals to add or increase taxes on credit unions in the '20-'21 legislative session.
  • $152,683 directed to 98 Wisconsin candidates from credit unions' political advocacy accounts

4. Development

  • Reach Business Lenders has originated $144 million in loans over the last 7 years with nearly 50 credit unions
  • Currently 25 endorsed vendors
  • $30.6 million saved through Saver's Sweepstakes by members of 30 participating credit unions
  • 100 hours spent on strategic and succession planning for credit unions
  • 700+ participated at events with a financial wellbeing for all component 

About The Author

Sammy Dennis is the Vice President of Communications for The Wisconsin Credit Union League.