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State GAC and 4 Other Ways to Support The Movement

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Nov 09, 2023
By Sammy Dennis
  • Education & Events
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As not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives driven by a people-focused mission, credit unions are beloved by Wisconsinites and positively impact Wisconsin's communities and the economy. If you've seen firsthand the power of The Credit Union Difference and want to learn more about how you can help protect & promote The Movement in Wisconsin, check out these 5 tips: 

1. Make Sure Your Voice is Heard 

Contacting legislators and policymakers on credit union legislative priorities at both the state and federal level is easier than ever with The League's new Grassroots Action Center, which includes a simple platform for sending pre-written, editable messages. Within just a few minutes, you can help ensure that what's important to The Movement stays in front of key decision makers!    

2. Share Stories of How Your Credit Union Puts People Before Profit

Legislators, policymakers, and the public need to know about the amazing things your credit union is doing for your members and the community. Whether it’s helping a member escape predatory lending, rebuild credit, weather an illness, save for a home, or simply be given a second chance, credit unions are uniquely equipped to provide a lifeline when other financial institutions can’t or won’t--and that is worth celebrating and sharing! You can also submit these stories online at anytime, where they are added to our growing collection of inspiring #PeopleBeforeProfit stories!  

3. Support Credit Union Champions

Political advocacy helps elect, re-elect, or advance credit union-friendly candidates to elected office. Whether by attending fundraisers or donating online via your conduit account or to the Wisconsin Credit Union Legislative Action Fund (WCULAF), every dollar counts and is crucial to preserving and advancing The Credit Union Movement in Wisconsin. 

4. Become a Credit Union Activist 

If you're ready to level-up your support of The Movement, consider becoming a Credit Union Activist. Activists are staff, volunteers, and members who work with The League and receive regular communications and training opportunities to advance their involvement in credit union advocacy. Activist also participate in advocacy events throughout the year, such as the State Government Affairs Conference, Hike the Hill, and the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference. Signing up to become an Activist is free! 

5. Attend The League's Annual State Government Affairs Conference on January 30, 2024

In the last session alone, over 800 groups were vying for the attention of Wisconsin legislators and policymakers. It’s critical that we band together to share The Credit Union Difference in a way that leaves a lasting impression and displays the strength of The Movement--and our annual State Government Affairs Conference, held this January 30, 2024 at the State Capitol in Madison, is just the ticket! On that day, hundreds committed to promoting and protecting the interests of Wisconsin's 3.6 million credit union members will head to the Capitol to meet with lawmakers and showcase the strength of The Movement. We need you there, too!  Early bird registration discounts are available through December 29, as well as a first-time attendee discount! 

About The Author

Sammy Dennis is the Vice President of Communications at The Wisconsin Credit Union League. 
Picture from State Government Affairs Conference in January 2023.