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Tell your story to protect and defend credit unions!

Scorecard: Wisconsin credit unions' social responsibility

Your stories are awesome! 

Here are just a few stories you've shared that we displayed at our May Convention in Lake Geneva.

Keep 'em coming!

We still want additional stories to showcase the REAL Solutions® you provide long after Convention ends. Your examples are illustrations of the Credit Union Difference, the things you've done to serve members because it was the right thing to do, regardless of profit. 

We've provided some examples below. 

Why it is important you pitch in 

The impact credit unions make for members and communities is easy to overlook – especially when many assume they’re the same as a bank. Your stories illustrate the value credit unions provide members and communities – and make it clear that credit unions are different and worth protecting.  

Banking groups are waging attacks on credit unions nationally, and at the state level, were only narrowly defeated in Iowa. It’s starting in Wisconsin too: a Wisconsin bankers’ website devotes an entire page to attacks on credit unions, saying they’re “setting the stage” for the next state legislative session. The page includes a video erroneously claiming credit unions’ purpose is to serve those with “low to moderate means” and suggests a new tax structure for credit unions.

It’s up to us to preserve the Credit Union Difference! Use the Legislator Meeting Guide in our Advocacy Toolkit to share REAL Solutions® stories with lawmakers - your stories influence their decisions that affect your credit union's operations and service.

The stories we collect also help us build - and help you share - our annual Scorecard.

How YOU can contribute 

Complete our online form below. No need for great detail, names or other identifying information, simply offer us a summary of the situation and service. We can follow up for additional detail.

Submit a story if you've:  

  • Consolidated debt to help a family make ends meet
  • Financially counseled a member to prevent a foreclosure or improve credit, 
  • Reworked the terms of a loan to help a member weather a job loss, illness or other misfortune
  • Provided a special auto or mortgage lending product to help financially underserved individuals get transportation for work, or get their first home
  • Made a small business loan when no one else would 
  • Rescued a member from high-cost payday loans, making financial stability possible
  • Taught students personal finance basics better guiding decisions, plans or habits
  • Created a program to help a subset of the community or membership, like students, senior citizens, veterans, unbanked
  • Made a difference in a member's life - or in your area - in other ways banks wouldn't have, because your focus is on people, not profits.

Please also send us your logo as an .eps file so we can include it along with your story.​

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Please also send us your logo as an .eps file so we can include it along with your story.​