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Need help with your evaluation and planning processes? Check out the tools below or feel free to contact The League's VP of System Collaboration & Development, Josh Roberts with any questions at (608) 640-4065.

ALM Test

This spreadsheet will help you determine if your credit union is a candidate for a visit from NCUA.

Agreement for Protection of Confidential Information

Obtain a signature on this form before sharing an OCU exam report with a third party.

Allowance Evaluation Program

This spreadsheet will assist you in determining whether your allowance account requires funding.

Board Planning Overview

League staff are prepared to facilitate board planning sessions for your credit union. Sessions will include:
  • Financial review: Information gathered from the credit union's call reports and most recent financial statements is presented in an easy-to-follow format. Important ratios and projections are reviewed to assess the credit union's financial condition.
  • Review questionnaire responsesWhen a pre-planning questionnaire is utilized, responses are anonymously summarized for review. Information from the questionnaires is used to develop a list of concerns/opportunities facing the credit union.
  • Evaluation of mission statementA mission statement includes the credit union's purpose and functions. Participants will either develop or review the credit union's mission statement.
  • SWOT analysis: Participants identify opportunities, areas for improvement and the root cause(s) of the problems and remedies to eliminate them.
  • Develop Goals: The characteristics of a measurable goal are discussed and goal statements are developed for the top areas of concern.
  • Action Steps: Action plans detail the step-by-step approach that will be utilized to accomplish the goals.
For additional information or to schedule a planning session, contact Josh Roberts at (608) 640-4065.

Capital Growth Spreadsheet

Looking to increase your capital ratio? This spreadsheet will help you to calculate how much net income your credit union will need to increase, or maintain, its capital ratio based on estimated asset growth assumptions.

Ratio Analysis

Spread Analysis Program

Spreadsheet to determine:
  • Spread analysis
  • Operating expense ratios
  • Sources and uses of funds
  • Significant ratios
  • Analysis of loans and shares by type
Where applicable your credit union’s ratios are compared to peers.

Succession Plan

View two different sample succession plans: abbreviated and extended version. Succession planning is an essential part of doing business because:

  • You can't plan for disaster. Whether it's an unforeseen illness, a natural disaster, or a CEO's decision to suddenly retire, the reasons for having a succession plan in place before it is needed are endless.
  • A succession plan can help sustain income and support expenses. A succession plan can provide answers as to what your credit union will need for future income, as well as what kinds of expenses you may incur once you step out of the main leadership role.
  • Succession planning gives you a big picture. A good succession plan can go further and force you to examine all levels of employees. The people who do the day-to-day work are the ones keeping the business going. Neglecting to add them to the succession planning mix could have dire consequences
  • Succession planning strengthens employee relationships. By including HR in succession planning, you can incorporate elements like the employee-evaluation process, which can help when deciding whether to fill vacancies with internal candidates.
  • Succession planning keeps up morale. Planning for the future is exciting and can inspire your workers to stay involved and maintain company loyalty. It's true that a plan is often put into place to avert catastrophe, but it's also a company's way of embracing the future.