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Current & Compliant Forms for Your CU

Constantly changing regulations means constantly changing forms, resulting in a lot of work and a lot of headache for you and your credit union.

Our forms program minimizes your credit union's compliance risk. All forms are available as a .pdf, giving you the flexibility to complete the forms electronically, print them out or incorporate them into your data processing system.* 

Purchases are made via an annual licensing fee. This means that for each form you purchase, you'll get notified of any updates made to that form and the updated form is included in your annual licensing fee.

All pricing includes sales tax (if applicable).

*The League no longer sells any paper forms or paper form products. For more information see the August 14, 2014 announcement.

How to Purchase and then Download Forms

  1. Select from the form categories listed under Find & Buy Forms.
  2. Browse to find the form(s) you need.
  3. Click the Purchase button under the form you want to download.  A new window or tab will open in your browser.
  4. Click on the red Add to Cart button to add that form to your shopping cart. Your Shopping Cart screen will open and the form(s) you want to download will be listed along with current annual prices.
  5. Click the red Check Out button at the bottom of the shopping cart screen.
  6. Enter the appropriate billing and payment information, then click on the red Continue button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. When the transaction is complete, the .pdf form will be available for download to your device. Look for the link/icon on the bottom of the checkout screen to retrieve your electronic form file(s). Some forms are sold as bundles, e.g., MLA versions, etc., and you will download a .zip file containing multiple .pdf form files. 


You can also retrieve/download the form(s) you purchase online at any time from this website through the My Downloads link in your user Profile.