422 WCA: Consumer Credit Transactions as regarding additional charges. [open-end WCA loan].
422.202(2m) Additional charges. [open-end WCA loan].
(2m) With respect to an open-end credit plan, regardless of when the plan was entered into:
(a) A creditor may charge, collect and receive other fees and charges, in addition to the finance charge authorized under s. 422.201, that are agreed upon by the creditor and the customer. These other fees and charges may include periodic membership fees, cash advance fees, charges for exceeding a designated credit limit, charges for late payments, charges for providing copies of documents and charges for the return of a dishonored check or other payment instrument.
(b) For purposes of 12 USC 85, 1463 (g), 1785 and 1831d, both the finance charge under s. 422.201 and charges permitted under par. (a) are interest and may be charged, collected and received as interest by a creditor.