422 WCA: Consumer Credit Transactions as regarding credit sales.
422.417 Restrictions on security interests.
    (1) With respect to a consumer credit sale a seller may take a security interest only in:
(a) The property sold;
(b) Goods upon which the property sold is installed or to which it is annexed, or goods upon which the services sold are performed, if the obligation secured is $500 or more;
(c) Real property to which the property sold is affixed, or which is maintained, repaired or improved as a result of the sale of the property or services, if the obligation secured is $1,000 or more; and
(d) Goods of the consumer which were the subject of a prior transaction with the seller which is consolidated (s. 422.206) with the consumer credit sale, or if the consumer credit sale is made pursuant to an open-end credit plan, goods previously purchased by the consumer pursuant to the plan, subject however to s. 422.418.