422 WCA: Consumer Credit Transactions as regarding record retention.
422.303 Form requirements other than open-end or discount
(5) The creditor shall retain a copy of such writing evidencing a consumer credit transaction, other than one pursuant to an open-end credit plan, and of any proposal for a consumer credit transaction which the merchant has required or requested the customer to sign and which the customer has signed during contract negotiations, for a period of one year after the last payment scheduled under the transaction, or one year after the transaction has been repaid in full, whichever is sooner. The creditor shall supply the customer with copies of such documents upon any demand of the customer made within such period; one copy shall be furnished at no charge; and subsequent copies shall be furnished on the condition that the customer pay the creditor's reasonable costs of preparing and forwarding the copy. Copies supplied under this subsection are in addition to those copies required by s. 422.302.