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FAQs on Vendor Programs

Why should I do business with a League Endorsed or Select Vendor?

The League can leverage its partnership to help credit unions through reduced pricing and education and training opportunities. These partnerships also include marketing reimbursements to the W.C.U.L. Services Corp., which--in turn--helps offset League dues and provide additional membership services. 

What is the difference between an Endorsed Vendor and a Select Vendor? 

Endorsed Vendors are accepted by invitation only and go through a full vetting process that includes an evaluation of product services and standards, as well as an analysis of the vendor's ability to provide value to our members and reduce The League's dependence on dues. The Select Vendor Program is based on an annual participation fee which allows companies to promote appropriate products and services to Wisconsin's credit unions. 

Where are Endorsed & Select Vendors featured? 

Endorsed and Select Vendors are featured in both our online and annually printed Products & Services Directory, and may also submit events or relevant industry news to The League's website. Endorsed & Select Vendors are listed at the bottom of the monthly League News member email, and Endorsed Vendors are featured in a quarterly digest email (new in 2020). Endorsed Vendors are also occasionally featured on The League's social media channels (look for #TheVendorDifference hashtag).   


I am a prospective vendor. How do I learn more?

Our Endorsed Vendor Program (EVP) is by invitation only, but our Select Vendor Program (SVP) is available to all organizations offering quality products and services to Wisconsin's credit unions for an annual fee.