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Fraud/Security Vendors

  • TraceSecurity


    Endorsed Vendor StarTraceSecurity's full spectrum of security assessments and services can help credit unions stay ahead of evolving network security threats and in compliance with the latest government regulations. 

    TraceSecurity's products and services include:

    • Security Vulnerability Assessment
      Determine the adequacy of existing security measures and identify security deficiencies with a comprehensive examination of your network.
    • Penetration Testing
      Evaluate your defenses before a hacker does. Security engineers from TraceSecurity mimic the actions of real life hackers and exploit weaknesses in your security without the usual dangers involved.
    • Social Engineering
      Test your security against TraceSecurity's attempt to acquire sensitive information or materials. Comprehensive reporting and follow-up staff training are available to help you resolve areas of weakness.
    • Application Testing
      Test your online application, find potential issues and document alternative secure solutions.
    • Compliance Manager
      Ensure your credit union is meeting regulatory and compliance standards. Security Compliance Manager gives you a real-time view of your environment and provides actionable alerts to help prioritize resources.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Security Awareness Training

  • Wipifli LLP

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    Wipfli has dedicated  financial institution industry professionals that provide services such as regulatory compliance, cybersecurity/IT, risk management, HR and audit.

    Jay Totzke | (800) 486-3454

  • Illuma Labs

    Products/Services: Fraud/Security

    Illuma Labs_Logo

    Endorsed Vendor StarIlluma Labs, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), specializes in voice authentication software for call centers. Illuma Shield, their core product, is an easy-to-deploy solution that uses advanced voice recognition technology to replace traditional knowledge-based authentication practices. The net result is enhanced security against fraudsters, elevated member experience and improved operational efficiency for credit unions and their call centers.

    Tara Krejcarek, SVP of Strategic Partnerships (W.C.U.L. Services Corp)