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Member Services Vendors

  • Alliance One

    Alliance One

    Product/Service: ATM Network Access

    Endorsed Vendor StarAlliance One is a selective-surcharge ATM alliance that provides credit unions the ability to offer their members access to surcharge-free ATM terminals -- especially when traveling. Nationally over 700 financial institutions participate in the Alliance, allowing credit union members’ access to over 5,000 ATMs in 42 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, including 600 in Wisconsin.

    Tara Krejcarek, SVP of Strategic Partnerships (W.C.U.L. Services Corp)

  • American Liquidity Access Network (ALAN)

    American Liquidity Access Network (ALAN)

    Product/Service: ATM Network Access

    Endorsed Vendor StarAmerican Deposit Management Company and the W.C.U.L. Services Corp. developed the American Liquidity Access Network (Alan). This is a credit union exclusive network that serves as a tool for credit unions to gain access to the public deposit sector. American Deposit Management Company works with public depositors to manage their funding and ensure their deposits maintain federal insurance.

    This is an alternative for credit unions that need additional funding or are looking to increase ties within their community. It matches your credit union with public depositors and you choose the deposits that fit your needs.

    Kelly Brown, CEO & Managing Partner | (800) 407-5150

  • The Baker Group

    The Baker Group

    Product/Service: Investment Services

    The Baker Group is one of the nation's largest independently owned Asset/Liability & Investment firms specializing in IRR modeling & investment portfolio strategy for community financial institutions.

    Ken Judd, Associate Partner | (405) 415-7389

  • CO-OP Financial Services

    CO-OP Financial Services

    Product/Service: ATM Network Access

    Endorsed Vendor StarCO-OP Financial Services is a payments and financial technology company that supports 3,500 credit unions and 60 million members by providing a cutting-edge suite of customizable tools and services. The company was the first in its industry to merge purpose, innovation and technology to help credit unions advance the industry mission of people helping people.

    Adrianne Adufutse, Director of Consultant Partnerships | (248) 226-7217

  • CUNA Mutual Group

    CUNA Mutual Group Logo

    Product/Service: Insurance

    Endorsed Vendor StarCUNA Mutual Group helps people plan, protect and invest for their future. The company was founded more than 80 years ago by leaders who were looking for an insurance and investment partner they could trust. Today, CUNA Mutual Group helps credit unions and hardworking Americans build financial security.

    Tara Krejcarek, SVP of Strategic Partnerships (W.C.U.L. Services Corp)

  • FIS


    Product/Service: Collection Services | Payments

    Endorsed Vendor StarFIS provides credit unions with insights, know-how and a range of financial products and services required to compete in the rapidly evolving payments industry.

    Jan Snelling, Community Account Executive | (813) 901-4564


  • Harland Clarke

    Harland Clarke

    Product/Service: Check Printing | Payments

    Endorsed Vendor StarHarland Clarke provides high-performance marketing solutions, payment solutions and operational support that enhances the customer experience and encourages customer engagement. 

    Eric Ramos, Director of Sales, Community Markets Division | (734) 678-2035


  • LSC


    Product/Service: ATM Network Access | Payments

    Endorsed Vendor StarLSC, proven strategies for payment systems, credit, debit and pre-paid programs.

    Kristina Michel, Regional Account Manager | (800) 942-7124 ext. 3402


  • Newtek Business Services Corp.

    Newtek Business Solutions

    Product/Service: Payments

    Endorsed Vendor StarNewtek Business Services Corp. provides services to more than 100,000 business accounts across the country. They are a solutions provider to small and medium sized business owners through their online portal offering market data, intelligence, advice and services.

    Credit unions earn a fee for referring business to Newtek. It’s as easy as asking members,“Can I tell you about the small business products that we offer?” If there’s interest, a professional from Newtek will do the rest.

    • Credit unions receive a one-time referral fee or an ongoing revenue share, depending on the specific service
    • Credit unions can begin offering business services to their members quickly, with no up-front investment in additional staff or infrastructure
    • Newtek provides marketing and training support for each credit union
    • NewTracker™, an online referral system, allows credit union staff to enter and track the status of member referrals online, 24/7
    • Each credit union chooses which services they want to offer to members—from one service to the entire suite

  • PSCU


    Product/Service: Payments

    PSCU is the nation's leading CUSO and provides credit, debit, prepaid, bill pay, digital wallet and mobile payment solutions and services to over 800 member-owner credit unions.

    Brian Scott, SVP-Sales & Solution Consulting,  | (844) FOR-PSCU




    Shazam Logo

    Product/Services: ATM Network Access & Payments

    SHAZAM provides guidance and tools to make financial institutions more successful. They're committed to providing cost-effective products and services that help you compete effectively and meet your business goals.

    Tim Luger, Managing Director of Sales | (800) 490-7284



  • Wisconsin Credit Union Shared Service Centers, Inc. (WCUSSC)

    Product/Service: Shared Branching

    Endorsed Vendor StarCredit unions have joined together and created Shared Service Center locations around the country. Shared Service Centers allow a participating credit union member to conduct most of their business as if it were their own credit union branch. By sharing facilities, credit unions can offer greater convenience for members to access their accounts in many more locations. 

    Access 5,500 CO-OP Shared Branches, 30,000 ATMs, EFT processing, RealPay P2P, Sprig, Mobile, eZforex foreign currency and more features such as: 

    • Open Monday through Saturday
    • Cash checks and make deposits
    • Cash and check withdrawals
    • Make loan payments
    • Make transfers from and to any account
    • Purchase money orders, travelers checks and official checks
    • Obtain cash advances and balance inquiries

    Save money by not having to build and staff a new office and add multiple locations for your members to access for just a fraction of the cost.

    Rick Hagopian, President |  (414) 325-9880, ext. 3