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Emerging Markets Grant

The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation supports efforts to reach underserved communities in Wisconsin that struggle to be served by traditional financial services. In 2019, the Emerging Markets grant was introduced to enable credit unions to implement programs and services to these markets.

Grant Cycle

Applications are accepted September 15 - October 31 annually. EXTENDED! Apply by Thursday, November 3. Winners are notified by November 15. Applications must be postmarked by the last day of each grant cycle to be considered for funding during that cycle. Applications received after the last day of each cycle will be held for consideration in the next grant cycle. 

Emerging Markets Grant

Eligibility and Project Scopes

The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation Emerging Markets Grants are available to  help credit unions with a variety of programs to support the underserved including but not limited to: 

  • Non-native English speakers
  • LGBTQ population
  • The elderly
  • Single parents
  • Amish population

Examples of potential programs include:

  • Partnering with Inclusiv or Coopera
  • Adding bilingual products/services
  • Defraying costs of partnerships with local non-profit organizations
  • Cost of technology development to reach those markets
  • Developing education opportunities for these groups


Josh Roberts at (608) 640-4065.

Past Emerging Markets Grant Recipients

2021 - Royal Credit Union: The credit union received a grant for $1,500 to assist with bringing financial education programming to justice-involved individuals at three local county jails, Eau Claire County, Dunn County, and Barron County. The program educates participants in how to avoid predatory lending, different ways to pay down debt, understanding credit and more.

2020 Royal Credit Union - Royal Credit Union received a $1,500 grant to partner with Power of Perception, a local mentorship program for 6th-12th grade African American and biracial students, and provide four incentivized virtual financial education sessions. 

2019 - Shoreline Credit Union - For identity validation software that will allow Shoreline Credit Union to easily provide online account opening processes that are safe and efficient for the member. By being able to do this, the credit union will provide a solution for its underbanked membership – Hispanic, Hmong, blue collar – that currently are unable to access traditional financial institution services. The software used will allow the credit union to open memberships and loans for members without ever requiring them to step foot in a branch.