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About The League

Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation
Wisconsin Credit Unions Unite for Good

One League, One Focus - Your Success

The Wisconsin Credit Union League is the dues-supported trade association for Wisconsin's credit unions – not-for-profit financial institutions that are cooperatively owned by their more than 3 million members.
The League - based in Madison - is dedicated to serving Wisconsin's credit unions and promoting the credit union difference through advocacy, education and public service.
The League also assists consumers, the media, legislators and others who want more information about credit unions.

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Our Movement is centered on the memberThe Credit Union Movement

The Wisconsin Credit Union League works in conjunction with other state leagues, the Credit Union National Association and a number of other partners locally and globally.

Together we all Unite for Good, serving the financial welfare of our community.

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Credit unions that are part of the CUNA and League system have a massive support structure behind them. The success we achieve as a united movement is greater than what any single institution could accomplish on its own.

Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation

Established in 2007, The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that works to promote the growth and health of credit unions and their communities.

Foundation resources are used to promote credit union development, assist with the educational needs of credit union staff and volunteers, support programming designed to enhance financial literacy of the public and support the credit union system in times of need.

Unite for Good

Unite for Good effort is an internal growth effort that helps more Americans to see credit unions as their best financial partner and become more likely to consider their credit union their primary financial institution. It relies on our efforts to remove barriers, increase awareness and foster service excellence.