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Dignity & Respect

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May 19, 2023
  • Auto Loans
“In the early ‘70s, my parents separated. My mother needed a car because she had four kids at home, but very few dealers paid any attention to her as a single woman. She finally narrowed down her options to two vehicles—a newer, more reliable vehicle and an older, less expensive one—but the local bank would not loan her anything since she was separated and not the main wage earner. As an employee at the local municipal hospital, she decided to try the city credit union. The loan officer encouraged her to purchase the newer car and took care of the loan on the spot! As a young child, I witnessed the embarrassments she went through with the bank and dealership, and I was so impressed with how this credit union loan officer treated my mother with dignity and respect. They took time to learn her story, to get to know her as a person, and to offer a hand to help. That one kind gesture is the reason I belong to a credit union, and it’s why my now 94-year-old mother is still a member.” – Two Rivers Employee Credit Union, Now Fox Communities Credit Union