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The REAL Solutions® Scorecard illustrates the positive impact that Wisconsin credit unions have for Wisconsin families, businesses, local organizations and the economy as a whole because of their unique structure as member-owned cooperatives driven by a people-focused mission.

The Scorecard shows how Wisconsin credit unions have a strong history of serving:

Where Others Don't Serve


Hard to Reach Communities


The Next Generation


Wisconsin Businesses


Scorecard: Wisconsin credit unions' social responsibility

3.2M Members Strong

More Wisconsinites than ever - 3.2 million to be exact - are turning to Wisconsin’s credit unions to be their financial partner.

It’s easy to see why… 

Since the first credit union was chartered in Wisconsin more than 100 years ago, credit unions have been an essential component of Wisconsin’s local economies - providing REAL Solutions® to the problems faced by members and the communities those members live and work in. While not mandated to do so, credit unions offer REAL Solutions because being member-owned allows them to put member needs first and go where other financial institutions can’t or won’t.

That makes credit unions different: They put people before profit and provide solutions that benefit members, nearby schools, small businesses and community organizations.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and we’re proud to be home to the Movement’s international and national trade associations, mutual insurer, national charitable foundation and independent think tank.

Whether it’s facing the financial challenges of today or planning for tomorrow, credit unions will continue to evolve to meet the needs of their members and support Wisconsin’s working families and communities. 

We offer this Scorecard in support of Wisconsin’s credit unions.

Brett Thompson
President & CEO, Wisconsin Credit Union League