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Best Practices for Performing Quality-Control Loan Reviews

Performing effective quality-control loan reviews is an essential element that regulators want to see. Afford yourself this opportunity to learn the key objectives of loan review, regulator expectations, methods, and so much more.

BSA Essentials for the Board & Senior Management

Ultimate responsibility for BSA compliance lies with the board of directors. They must understand the importance of BSA/AML regulatory requirements, ramifications of noncompliance, and the risks posed to their institution. Without a general understanding, the board cannot adequately provide BSA/AML oversight; approve related policies, procedures, and processes; or provide sufficient BSA/AML resources. Regulators are strongly conveying the importance of BSA compliance via recent penalties and enforcement actions against institutions without strong BSA programs. This is a must-attend session for your board and senior management team!

Mortgage Lending Compliance Overview

From application through closing, a variety of laws, rules, and regulations apply to the mortgage lending process. This webinar will cover it all, including fair lending, advance disclosure timing requirements, gathering government monitoring information, appraisal requirements, handling changes, and knowing when revising disclosures is permissible and when it is not. This webinar will touch on all the important issues regarding the generation of first and subordinate lien loans and home equity lines of credit(HELOCs).

Social Media: Paid, Owned, Earned

Do you know the differences between owned, earned, and paid social media content? With this program, you’ll learn how to ascertain which social media platforms are optimal for your situation. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover more about maximizing the use of social media for your financial institution.

Preparing for FedNow: Technology, Products, Services & More

FedNow instant payments are coming in 2023 and will forever change the electronic payments landscape in the U.S. What are you doing to prepare for the biggest change in payments in decades? Join the Payments Professor to learn more about the FedNow service, participation types, liquidity management, settlement, reconciliation, and more!

Financial Exploitation & Elder Fraud

Elder fraud – just the thought is distressing! Isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the problem, leading to an increase in elder scams and theft. It’s so important to be able to identify it, react appropriately, and provide help to your accountholders when possible. Learn how!

IRS Reporting, B Notices, Fines & Penalty Letters

This program will provide a line-by-line review of IRS Forms 1099-INT and 1042-S and subsequent tax reporting. It will focus on what financial institutions have to do from the tax reporting and documentation standpoint to be prepared for FATCA. The program will also address the impact on 1042-S reporting changes for nonresident aliens. Your job as a withholding agent has never been so important and the forms emphasize your important role in the tax reporting chain that affects this country and accounts for US persons overseas.

Form 1099 Reporting: Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More

In this webinar, you will learn how, when, and what to report on Forms 1099-A, 1099-C, 1099-INT and 1099-MISC. In addition, we will review each of these forms line by line. This timely topic will ensure you can successfully navigate the necessary IRS forms, procedures, and hazards.

SAR Filing Requirements: When, How & Why

Do you know how to properly complete a SAR for emerging hot spots? How can you maximize SAR’s effectiveness as a vehicle for delivering information to law enforcement? Learn how to write an effective SAR narrative, procedures, and best practices for determining when to file, how to complete a SAR, and what to do after filing. This jam-packed session will ensure your institution is ready to file the next SAR!

Job-Specific BSA Training for Lenders

Can you name five important reasons BSA training must be provided for lenders? Can your program identify loan fraud? When are SARs required? This webinar will address those issues and more, plus provide the required BSA training lenders need.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

This session will provide tips, tricks, and relevant examples to assist in preparing the quarterly Call Reports. It will address how to prepare the statement of financial condition, statement of income and expense, and Schedules B, C, and D.

Midsize Credit Union CEO Virtual Roundtable 2023

All credit unions are welcome, however the content covered in this session is designed for those credit unions in the $100-350M asset category.

2023 League Convention & Expo

Connect with the Credit Union Movement at the largest annual gathering of Wisconsin credit unions at the League Annual Convention & Expo

Ability to Repay: Qualified Mortgages & TILA RESPA Disclosures

This webinar will explore the protections provided to lenders when a qualified mortgage is made, when loan costs can and cannot increase, and whether a revised loan estimate is allowed or required.

Robbery Basics & Beyond

This session will go beyond basic robbery training to focus on prevention and recognizing weaknesses that can cause vulnerability. It will reveal the facts about robbery, address current trends, and provide step-by-step guidelines for effective prevention, safe response, and managing the after effects.

Handling Court-Ordered Accounts: Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships & Bankruptcy

This program will review the setup, documentation, and legal issues involved in these high-risk accounts. Join us to learn how to style each type of account and get the signature card perfect every time.

Auditing Call Reports

Join this webinar to get expert advice, tips, and best practices to improve your Call Report process. This session will provide insights so that you are prepared for your next audit and examination.

Handling Reg E Disputes Confidently & Compliantly

This webinar will explain how to properly handle all types of unauthorized ATM/debit card claims and how to accurately calculate the amount, if any, that must be reimbursed to the accountholder.

Traditional & Roth IRA Part 2: Distributions, Taxation, Withholding & Penalties

This two part series will cover everything you need to know, with Part 2 focusing on distributions, taxation, withholding, and penalties. Learn the concepts that impact accountholders and institutions most. Don’t miss these highly informative programs.

Images, Video, Audio: What's New & Next for Social Media Platforms?

This session will explore content strategies beyond text and what’s trending to best connect with your audience and deepen the relationship online. Join this webinar to learn the latest on social media platforms and how to enhance engagement.