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e-Everything: Compliance in an Online Environment

Can you provide a non-sufficient funds or hold notice electronically so that notice is provided sooner? Should application or solicitation disclosures be given only after consent is given? Is posting your privacy notice on the website sufficient to replace the annual notice requirement? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Wire Transfer Compliance: Domestic & International

Join us for an examination of ways to strengthen policies, monitoring, procedures, and risk assessments. Tools to support and enhance your wire compliance program will be provided.

Introduction to SBA Lending

This introductory webinar will explain SBA underwriting, the SBA guaranty, and the overall process. For those already offering SBA lending, don’t miss the recent program updates!

Financial Literacy Part 1: How to Identify 7 Credit Union Risks Using Financial Statements

Part 1 of this two-part series will explore how risks can be identified just by reviewing your credit union’s financial statements. Join us to gain a better understanding of the risks and how to identify them.

Call Report Fundamentals for New Preparers & Reviewers

This webinar will provide an overview of the call reporting process, including recent changes, internal controls, and critical areas of focus.

Handling Subpoenas, Summonses, Garnishments & Levies

This webinar will describe proper handling, such as determining what information can and can’t be disclosed, identifying accounts, placing account holds, answering interrogatories, notifying the accountholder, and remitting funds. The special requirements and procedures for accounts that receive federal benefit payments will also be included.

Marketing in 2021: Virtual Relationships & the New Consumer

Remaining relevant is harder than ever before and virtual relevance is key to reaching fickle consumers. The competition is stiff. Give your marketing game a boost with this jam-packed program.

Handling W-9s, W-8BENs & IRS Mismatches

Learn best practices for managing mismatches and increasing accuracy with W-9s and W-8BENs.

Surviving a TRID Compliance Exam

While a full review and analysis of the TRID requirements is not possible, this webinar will provide answers to common questions and likely areas of examiner or auditor scrutiny. Timing requirements, written lists of providers, and tolerance levels will be specifically analyzed. Documentation and record retention requirements will also be discussed.

Developments in Mergers & Acquisitions

This webinar will cover the M&A process from planning to consummation and answer many common questions. Learn the board’s responsibilities, how to identify candidates, how to position your institution, regulatory requirements, and more.

5 Steps to Simplify Reg E Claims

Debit card fraud is on the rise. Financial institutions must investigate accountholders’ disputed electronic transactions. But the Reg E rules that outline the dispute process can be complicated. This fast-paced session will focus on five best practices for handling Reg E disputes.