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Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Returns Part 2: Schedules D, E & F

In Part 2 of this two-part series, you will learn to cash flow Schedule D: Capital Gains and Losses; Schedule E, Page 1 (Rental and Royalty Income); Schedule E, Page 2 (Partnerships and S Corporations), and Schedule F (Farm Income). When you finish this session, you will be able do a little “magic” and convert taxable incomes into cash flows, which you can then plug into your credit scoring model, debt-to-income ratio, or disposable income calculation. Note: This session is designed for consumer and commercial lenders. This method does not follow Fannie, Freddie, or QM rules used in mortgage lending.

BSA for Frontline Staff

The frontline confronts BSA issues multiple times a day. Therefore, it’s crucial that they understand the fundamentals, know the red flags for crimes, and keep your institution in the compliance zone. Don’t miss this opportunity to satisfy your 2023 training requirements.

Compliance Officers: Advanced Deposit & Consumer Compliance Training

This jam-packed session will go beyond the basics of the consumer regulation requirements and provide resources and tools to strengthen and enhance your compliance program. Join us to explore the more complex elements of the key deposit and consumer compliance regulations.

Five Reasons to Prepare for 1071 Rules: Small Business Reporting for Women & Minority Owned Businesses

Do you know the top five reasons to start preparing for implementation of the Section 1071 rules? Some say these new rules will be the biggest compliance challenge in the last 20years. The CFPB has promised the final rules by March 31, 2023; mandatory compliance will follow in 18 months. Don’t let the long implementation deadline lull you into complacency.

TDR Comeback: Qualification Under CECL & End of CARES Act

This session will guide you through the process of identifying TDRs, calculating expected reserves, compiling financial disclosures, and implementing best-practice recommendations along the way. Bring your questions!

Banking Military Personnel: MLA, SCRA & Recent Citations

Join this session to learn the ins and outs and ensure our military women and men are protected when banking with you. This fact-filled webinar will review each of these Acts and provide best practices for compliance. It will walk through the steps necessary at the time of application, when a loan becomes delinquent, and when you become aware that a borrower meets the definition of a "covered borrower" under each Act. Sample policy language and other tools to facilitate compliance will be provided.

Beneficial Ownership Final Rule: Details & Deadlines

This webinar will explain how the reporting provisions will further combat illicit use of the U.S. financial system. Learn the specific beneficial ownership reporting deadlines and details with this in-depth program.

Beginning Security Officer: Dos, Don'ts & Compliance

This practical program will address the security officer’s role, best practices, regulatory compliance, physical security issues, and more.

IRA & HSA Update: Discover What's New & Changing

Learn about the significant impact that pending legislation will have on IRA owners and financial organizations. Whether your duties include dealing directly with IRA and HSA owners or involve operational, reporting, or managerial responsibilities, this session will provide practical insights into what’s new and important in the world of IRA and HSA plans.

BSA Officer Part 1: BSA Update for BSA Officers

This session will review recent citations and issues real life BSA officers are experiencing so you can focus your time and efforts. It will also address the importance of communication between the BSA officer and the board in establishing a culture of compliance that meets examiners’ expectations for directors.

Call Report Update & Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Learn all about the 2023 Call Report revisions before you begin preparing the next report. Join this webinar to explore the impacts of CECL, the new risk-based capital rule, technical clarifications, and more. Ensure you are up to date with the changes to reporting forms and instructions – and know how to avoid common errors.

Protecting the SBA Guarantee Start to Finish

This webinar will address the updates and how they will impact underwriting and documenting 7(a) loans. It will identify critical points to preserving and protecting the SBA’s conditional loan guaranty in a shifting credit market. Lenders’ responsibilities for servicing their existing SBA loan portfolio will be reinforced and tips for confidently navigating the SBA loan guaranty purchase process will be provided.

The ABCs of RDC

We keep hearing that checks are going away, but that just isn’t true. They are still around and may even be the preferred method of payment for some accountholders. Offering remote and mobile deposit capture of checks allows accountholders to keep banking with you even when they move or get a check in the mail. Learn the differences between mobile and desktop services, risk mitigation, duplicate deposits, and much more.

Final ATR/QM Rules: Guidance, ATR Options & Policy Update

This session will dive into the details of the final QM rules and provide best practices for how to ensure your policies and procedures accurately reflect the changes. It will also review the seven ability-to-repay(ATR) options and provide guidance on how to not only implement the new changes, but to strengthen your current ATR/QM compliance program.

HR Roundtable 2023

Join us for this opportunity to hear from HR professionals and network with your credit union colleagues. This program is for credit union professionals who are interested on staying up-to-date on the all things Human Resources.

Deep Dive Data Governance

Join us for a Deep Dive Data Governance virtual workshop, facilitated by Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE Strategic Services. Create a solid action plan from the lessons learned in the Data Activation Series with this Deep Dive Data Governance session.

Data Activation Education Program 2023

The Data Activation Series is an integrated, educational program that offers educational artifacts, a 7-class data education course that helps credit unions develop data confidence and capability.

Branch Manager Boot Camp Series

This exciting, four-part series will focus on the next generation manager who will be leading the transition to client relationship management, and to managing an active advisory environment for the client to achieve financial goals. The next gen manager will be leading this vital transformation.