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Preparing for Examination Under the Mortgage Servicing Rules

From initiation of the loan to completion of foreclosure, this session will cover the mortgage servicing rules and how to effectively prepare for your next examination.

Reg E & the Electronic Fund Transfer Act

This webinar will explore the rights and liabilities of consumers and financial institutions, including issuing an access device, disclosures, error resolution, and everything in between. You will learn about error resolution timeframes and common mistakes. It will also touch on the required disclosures for international remittances, gift cards, payroll card accounts, and a couple lesser-known prohibitions and compliance requirements.

Are Safe Deposit Boxes on the Way Out?

Are safe deposit boxes still a viable service? How can that be determined? What’s happening nationwide? This presentation will provide answers to the most frequently asked “phasing-out” questions. What’s your institution’s plan? Learn the pros and cons for continuing or discontinuing this service.

Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcies: Special Rules, Cramdowns & Risks

This webinar will explain the actions required to protect your financial institution’s interests in each bankruptcy situation. It will cover both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies and explain all the processes, including exempt property, fraudulent transfers, preference payments, cramdowns, reaffirmations, and rights of setoff.

Checks, Mobile Deposits, Substitute Checks: Indemnities, Endorsements & Timeframes

This must-attend program for frontline and operations staff will teach you about timeframes for fraudulent check claims, substitute check rules, missing endorsements return issues, and mobile deposit regulations. Don’t miss this chance to get your questions answered about these issues and more.

TRID: Recognizing a Changed Circumstance & Issuing a Revised Loan Estimate

Join us to learn how to identify a legitimate TRID changed circumstance and keep your institution in compliance.

Avoiding UDAAP Claims, Errors & Penalties

This webinar will dive into regulators’ expectations and scrutinize activities that have led to UDAAP enforcement actions. It will also address the error-resolution requirements for open-end credit, credit cards, debit cards, international remittance, Check 21 (substitute checks) and remote deposit capture.

Merger Considerations Under the New Merger Rules: Who Gets What & When

From the chief executive to volunteers, it is critical that everyone understands the potential, problems, and pitfalls of the merger process to navigate the current uncharted waters. Every step of the process is heavily regulated, and any mistakes will cost time and money and potentially sink the merger. This webinar will explore the positive potential, practical considerations, and technical elements of the merger process.

Appraisal Reviews: Do You Know What to Look For?

This session will delve into a sample residential loan appraisal and identify what you need to look for and what may cause concern. You’ll be guided through sample written policy, procedures, and checklists, and learn how to identify and correct common mistakes made during the review process.

Securing Collateral Part 2: Purchase Money Security Interests: Taking Priority Over a Perfected Creditor

Your institution is at a disadvantage if you don’t understand the special rules regarding collateral. Make it a priority to understand how to properly take priority over another creditor with Part 2 of this two-part series. Join us for a deep dive into purchase money security interests.

Top 10 IT Frauds: Risks & Protection Strategies for Financial Institutions

How would you score if asked to name the top 10 IT frauds? How is fraud defined in this context anyway? Since cybersecurity threats will likely increase, now is the time to learn the biggest dangers and how to mitigate them.

Troubled Debt Restructuring: What Qualifies & Accounting for TDRs as Credit Improves

The temporary pandemic provisions impacted TDR accounting. Now that those provisions have expired, loan delinquencies and charge-offs may increase. Will borrowers be asking for loan modifications to get through this next economic cycle? What if their credit is improving? How does CECL come into play? Learn more about accounting for TDRs in this changing environment.

Traditional & Roth IRA Part 1: Eligibility, Contributions, Rollovers & Transfers

This two part series will cover everything you need to know, with Part 1 focusing on eligibility, contributions, rollovers, and transfer rules. Learn the concepts that impact accountholders and institutions most. Don’t miss these highly informative programs.

Fraud Channels: Check & Debit Card

This webinar will explain which law applies in each type of situation involving check fraud and debit card fraud. This webinar will also explain your institution’s liability in these situations and what it can do to protect itself from liability.

When a Borrower Dies

This webinar will explain the proper procedures and processes your institution should follow when a borrower dies owing on a loan or other obligation to your institution, including the special procedures under the mortgage servicing rules regarding home loans.

Job-Specific BSA Training for Frontline

This session will cover the basic expectations for completing CTRs; scenarios for reporting suspicious activity and recent trends in SARs; and the framework for an effective customer identification program for opening new accounts. Join us for a fast-paced review of the basics and also learn about emerging money laundering red flags in 2022.

Consumer Lending Regulatory Essentials: Fair Lending, UDAAP, Privacy & More

This webinar will provide a thorough analysis of the most important federal consumer lending laws and related CFPB regulations.

The Way Forward to MORE Time: How to Manage Your Time, Instead of It Managing You

In this highly interactive program, you’ll discover four steps that increase your clarity around the priorities you make and the actions you take. Learn how to focus on the right opportunities to be productive so you can create MORE momentum and results – without sacrificing what is most important to you in the process.

Compliance with E-SIGN, E-Statements & E-Disclosures

Join us to learn more about E-SIGN, e-statement, and e-disclosure compliance, and avoid "e-jeopardy."

A Cryptocurrency Primer for Credit Unions: Guidance, Risks & Red Flags

This webinar will explain common cryptocurrency industry terminology, expound on various roles within the industry, identify potential red flags and risks, and address ways accountholders can acquire and sell cryptocurrency.