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The League Welcomes New Endorsed Vendor, NetGiver

Nov 25, 2020
By NetGiver
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 W.C.U.L. Services Corp. is partnering with MNCUN to endorse NetGiver, a CUSO which enables fee-free charitable contributions exclusively for credit union members through a mobile giving platform. Recognizing that individuals are focusing more on the values of companies that they choose to work with and are looking for ways to support their communities in this time of uncertainty, credit unions are positioned well to solve a growing problem for the giving community.

With online donation platforms growing in popularity, non-profit organizations that employ these platforms incur platform and/or processing fees that can significantly reduce the amount the nonprofit receives each year–a total which can exceed 7% of the $149 billion dollars given each year by individuals via credit or debit card.

NetGiver serves three primary functions:

  • Facilitates fee-free and direct giving to nonprofits, increasing the possible impact of every donation
  • Supports and engages the credit union member through a unique and branded touchpoint
  • Provides credit unions an exclusive tool to support community advocacy
  • Creates opportunities for member acquisition and retention

League member Cheryl Dutton, VP Marketing of Altra Federal Credit Union, states “Altra members will be able to give, fee-free, to their favorite nonprofit organizations, using NetGiver; a direct donation app with an Altra-branded experience. NetGiver provides an opportunity for Altra to support our community and ensure that our members and nonprofit  organizations no longer have to shoulder the cost burden. Through the partnership with NetGiver, Altra will be able to lean into our core values, exponentially grow our impact by engaging our membership, and provide a story to showcase The Credit Union Difference to both members and the larger community.”  

To learn more, register for an upcoming NetGiver webinar on December 2 or December 16.

About The Author

Donating to a charity is a noble gesture that makes us feel good. What doesn’t feel good is knowing that a percentage of your gift is lost to credit card fees, administrative costs, and/or platform fees (upwards of 6.9%)! The ability to allocate a donation freely and fully from the palm of your hand makes NetGiver valuable to the philanthropically minded credit union member.