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Apr 08, 2021
By The Government Affairs team
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Grassroots Alert- Protect Members Against Financial Elder Abuse

Next week, the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Revenue will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 19, relating to financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. The League testified in support of the bill during the Assembly hearing and will testify in support on Monday. Activists also shared support for the bill during the 2020 State GAC. 

Activists can visit the Grassroots Action Center on The League’s website to send a pre-written, editable letter to your legislators and voice support for the legislation. 

Budget-Writing Joint Finance Committee Hearings

The Joint Finance Committee is set to hold public hearings on the state budget throughout the state this month, with the final hearing taking place virtually.  

Joint Finance Committee latest statement on budget hearings >>

If you’re interested in attending a public hearing and making a statement in support of the Credit Union Movement, please contact Sarah Wainscott. Consider using the following as an example: 

Credit unions helped members and communities to the tune of over $2.3 billion through the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis. This is exactly what you’d expect from not-for-profit cooperatives with a people-focus mission and a track record of providing valued services to their members and Wisconsin communities. 

We don’t have a specific budget bill request, but hope you will continue to support budget decisions and proposals that allow credit unions to continue to thrive in our state.  

Wisconsin Credit Union Response to COVID-19  >>

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Tom Harrington is the Political & Grassroots Specialist for The Wisconsin Credit Union League.