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League-Supported High School Financial Literacy Requirement Signed into Law

Bill Signing
Dec 07, 2023
By Sammy Dennis
  • Advocacy
This week, Governor Tony Evers signed Act 60 into law, a League-supported financial literacy bill requiring Wisconsin high school students to complete one-half credit of personal financial literacy for high school graduation.  

This bill was widely supported by Wisconsin’s credit unions, who—as not-for-profit cooperatives dedicated to fostering financial wellbeing—already lead or support various financial literacy and education initiatives across the state, including hosting in-school branches and partnering with school districts to provide presentations, course work, reality fairs, and other resources to build financially healthy habits.  

“Credit unions are here to help young people set themselves up for financial success, and we’re thrilled that this act will provide an invaluable opportunity to assist generations of Wisconsinites,” said League President & CEO Brett Thompson. “We look forward to continuing our partnerships with school districts and contributing in any way we can.”  

The act will first apply to Wisconsin high school students graduating in 2028.