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REAL Solutions is a nationwide initiative to help real consumers build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities. This grant is to support Wisconsin credit unions offering innovative services and programs that offer:
  • Affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services
  • Reduce dependency on predatory financial providers; 
  • Increase financial literacy
  • Improve personal financial management
  • Encourage saving and wealth-building; 
  • Build creditworthiness
  • Provide an avenue to personal financial stability
  • Improve the financial and economic well-being of Wisconsin communities.

Grant Cycle

Applications may be submitted between May 15 to June 30. Winners will be notified by July 31.

Applications must be postmarked by the last day of each grant cycle to be considered for funding during that cycle. Applications received after the last day of each cycle will be held for consideration in the next grant cycle.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Wisconsin credit unions that have signed a REAL Solutions® commitment letter are eligible to apply, as are affiliated system credit union organizations such as chapters, or other groups involved with credit union development efforts. Applicants must complete the application form to be considered.

  2. Non-credit union organizations partnering with affiliated credit unions and organizations may apply for grant funding, but must clearly articulate how the project will impact credit unions and their members.

  3. Projects must have clearly defined, measurable and achievable goals and objectives. Wisconsin credit unions' REAL Solutions® initiative favors projects that:
    • Offer affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services 
    • Reduce dependency on predatory financial providers
    • Increase financial literacy
    • Improve personal financial management
    • Encourage saving and wealth-building
    • Build creditworthiness
    • Provide an avenue to personal financial stability and
    • Improve the financial and economic well-being of Wisconsin communities 

  4. Funds cannot be used as a cash donation directly to a third-party organization.  

  5. Recipient must demonstrate a strong commitment to the project.

  6. Recipient must use the grant during the year it is awarded and solely for the purpose stated on the application.

  7. The Foundation reserves the right to withhold and/or recover grant funds in the event the funds are misused.

  8. No more than one grant per year, per credit union or organization.

  9. Grant recipients must provide The Foundation within 30 days after the end of the grant period a final written report detailing how the grant funds were used and what was accomplished with the funds.

  10. Grants will be awarded based on the number and nature of the grant requests and the Foundation’s budget.


Mary Bliss at (608) 640-4014.

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