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2019-2020 Leadership & Committee Assignments

Jan 11, 2019
See who is part of the leadership for the 2019-2020 legislative session- are they in your district?

Fed Policy: Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

Jan 07, 2019
Only time will tell, but credit unions may be well advised to prepare for lower, not higher, rates in the coming year.

2018 Dora Maxwell Awards honor three for community service

Dec 20, 2018
Two credit unions concentrated their energy all in one day to make huge impacts in the communities they serve.

Congratulations, YP and Professional Development Scholarship recipients

Dec 19, 2018
They'll apply up to $2,000 to advance their careers in credit unions

How to Build a Profitable Mortgage Platform in 2019

Nov 16, 2018
As the new year approaches, it is time to dig into the mortgage market data and get an idea of what to expect in 2019 in order to properly plan your strategy.

2018 Desjardins awards honor two for adult and youth financial education

Nov 07, 2018
Join us in congratulating these deserving credit unions for outstanding commitment and outreach that's improving financial wellness in their communities!

Rave reviews: Compliance Specialists

Nov 07, 2018
If compliance obligations have you down, check out these raves - and the help that's available - through The League's Compliance Specialist program.

Let us recognize you in the Foundation's Annual Fund Donor Society

Nov 06, 2018
If you're planning a year-end gift, send it in by Dec. 31 so we can boost your position among the tiered recognition structure that highlights our donors. Donors submitting gifts after December 31, including with League dues payments, will be recognized in early 2020 as part of the 2019 Donor Fund Society.

Your Support of The Foundation has Done Tremendous Good!

Nov 06, 2018
  • The Foundation
See how the Foundation harnesses your donations.

Congratulations, newly certified financial counselors

Nov 06, 2018
Wisconsin credit unions have long provided financial counseling to their members, but now - after our third year providing FiCEP training - more than 160 credit union professionals statewide have formalized their training to have a broader impact on members and the bottom line

The truth about member experience: let data remove the friction

Nov 05, 2018
You're sitting on the data you need to initiate meeting members' needs, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Showcase the strength of our Movement: help us count members

Nov 01, 2018
Just run this downloadable program at least twice annually to get a head count of your membership by Congressional District, state legislative district and county. The data you help collect showcases the strength of credit unions nationwide and is a critical part of our advocacy.

Connected Data Points: How to be Contextually Relevant at All Times

Nov 01, 2018
Know the difference between "rear-view" data and "windshield" data.

YP Conference focused young leaders for future success

Nov 01, 2018
The event showcased opportunities increased productivity, personal branding and Fintech disruption. Credit union peers shared additional insights on cooperative principles, advocacy and Hispanic outreach.

You Govern Your Loan. Why Not Your Data?

Oct 31, 2018
Data is one of the most robust assets of a credit union but may be the least formally managed. You would never be casual with the governance of your loans, so why would you with your data?

Meet the WILD ones: sixteen to engage in innovation process

Oct 22, 2018
Meet this year's WILD innovators. WILD - the Wisconsin Ideation and Local Development Initiative - is credit unions' commitment to participate actively in the disruptive transformation of financial services while preserving their singular commitment to member financial wellness.

Credit unions are rocking the Advocacy Toolkit

Oct 22, 2018
Which activities on our checklist will your credit union complete to strengthen relationships with lawmakers? We've set up a handy form to share your success.

Lawmakers supported credit unions, now let's support them

Oct 22, 2018
Legislators have been strong supporters of credit union priorities. Now it's our turn to support them. We can have the biggest impact by acting before the November elections.

Invested in credit unions' future: CUNA Mutual Group

Oct 22, 2018
The company has its roots in credit unions' philosophical founding; today it continues to support credit unions, their members and the broader credit union Movement.