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Credit Union Development

The League is committed to assisting credit unions in through programs and partnerships that benefit credit union members, enrich local communities, and increase awareness of credit union service and outreach. Looking for professional development opportunities? Click here.


Get your credit union the recognition it deserves with the annual CUNA and League-sponsored awards program. Includes the Louise Herring, Dora Maxwell, and Desjardins youth & adult awards.

Credit Union Awareness®

CUNA's Credit Union Awareness program is designed to increase consumer consideration for credit unions, resulting in increased membership opportunities and market share. The program is the industry’s only national and state level consumer marketing program to generate awareness and engagement for credit unions through the brand Your Money Further. 

Credit Union House

The Credit Union House in Madison provides a central venue for various credit union events such as board meetings and planning sessions. Learn more about Credit Union House donors and reserving the space for your next event.


Information about the following available credit union designations for Wisconsin's credit unions: low-income, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), and Community Development Credit Union (CDCU). 

Financial Education Programs

Wisconsin credit unions are leaders in providing financial education across the state to members and throughout their communities. Learn about financial education programs and resources available to Wisconsin's credit unions, and view trusted financial education partners (DFI, CUNA, and more).


The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation offers three grants to help credit unions implement new products and services, including the Credit Union Development Grant, the REAL Solutions® Initiative Grant, and the Emerging Markets Grant. 

Planning Resources

Need to be the hero of your board, succession, and evaluation planning processes? Check out planning resources and evaluation tools available through The League.

Reach Business Lenders®

Reach Business Lenders® supports credit unions that may not have the full resources to serve their business members by helping them extend their services and preserve the credit union-member relationship. 

Saver's Sweepstakes®

This statewide prize-linked savings program offers members the opportunity to win jackpot-like prizes for making savings deposits at participating credit unions. Capture new members, build loyalty, and promote financial wellness.

WILD Initiative

The Wisconsin Ideation & Local Development (WILD) Initiative is involving participants and their credit unions in a six-month process to develop financial products, services, and business models that increase credit unions' relevance as America's best financial partner.

Wisconsin Saves

Your employees can build emergency savings that can help alleviate financial stress and improve productivity through the simplest of strategies – saving automatically with split deposit through the Wisconsin Saves Automatic Saving Initiative. This national pilot project designed to encourage millions of Wisconsinites to establish emergency savings accounts through automated saving. 

Professional Development

Professional Development

Training for credit union employees and board members is available through The League. Browse opportunities for continued education and professional development.

Sponsor an Event

Ready to engage with credit unions across the state? Exclusive and tiered event sponsorships are available, as well as exhibitor opportunities, with prices to fit any budget.