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People Before Profit Stories

Whether it’s helping a member escape predatory lending, rebuild credit, weather an illness, save for a home, or simply be given a second chance, credit unions are uniquely equipped to provide a lifeline when other financial institutions can’t or won’t. Check out our collection of stories below--all submitted by Wisconsin's credit unions. More will soon be added! Have your own story you'd like to share? Submit your story here.

Story Collection

stories_t_blackhawk community credit union

"I Left the Branch Feeling Like I Was Being Taken Care Of"

Apr 18, 2019
  • Identity Theft Prevention & Mitigation
“My personal computer was accessed by an unknown entity. When I realized what was occurring and that it was probably a scam, I went to the branch to see if any funds had been withdrawn, which they had."
stories_t_fond du lac credit union

Helping When No Other Local Financials Would

Apr 18, 2019
  • Above & Beyond Service
A non-member with children was forced from her home due to flooding in town and lost everything. Her employer had a relief fund, but no other local financials would cash the check.
stories_t_health care credit union

Refinancing a 30% Interest Rate, Paying Off Collections, & Saving a Member $250/month

Apr 18, 2019
  • Second Chances & Refinancing
We had a member apply for a $5,000 loan to pay off some collections and credit cards. Looking at his credit report, we noticed that he was paying almost 30% in interest on his vehicle at a different institution.
The Difference - Unison Credit Union

Single Dad Seeks More Quality Time with Family

Apr 18, 2019
  • Second Chances & Refinancing
A single dad who drives a truck for a living came to us seeking a way to find more time with his kids and aging mother.
stories_t_oshkosh community credit union

Helping Refugees

Apr 17, 2019
  • Serving the Underserved
The city of Oshkosh has a large refugee population, and the majority have little experience navigating checking or savings accounts, paying bills, and are not financially empowered.
stories_t_athens area credit union

Contributing to the Backbone of Our Community

Apr 16, 2019
  • Charity & Community Service
Each year, we allocate funds to support our local community.

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From accounts of above and beyond member service, to granted second chances, to responses to disaster, to meeting community needs, to returning funds back to their members through patronage, and more—your stories educate policymakers and the public about their banking options and are vital to preserving The Credit Union Difference.